American Muslim Communities Becoming Radicalized

WASHINGTON — A report, based on a series of House committee hearings, said the
radicalization American Muslim community was not being impeded by community leaders.

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A poster used by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to promote a meeting about alleged FBI abuses in terrorism-related investigations.

The report by the House Homeland Security Committee said Islamist leaders have obstructed law enforcement. In at least two U.S. cities, mosque preachers were said to have helped in recruitment and fundraising for suspected Al-Qaida aligned operations.

“Radicalization inside the Muslim-American community has often been ignored by many of that community’s leaders, who have not always reported suspicious activity and have even obstructed law enforcement,” the report said. “In cities such as San Diego and Minneapolis, some imams participated in or facilitated recruiting and fundraising inside mosques.”

The committee, quoting Muslims and officials, has determined that the Muslim community was not demonstrating sufficient cooperation to stop Al Qaida plots against the United States.

The report concluded that cooperation with the American Muslim community was being hampered by Saudi-funded Islamist groups and cited such groups as Council on American-Islamic Relations and Muslim Advocates, which urge Muslims not to speak to the FBI without an attorney.

“Rather than thanking the FBI for ferreting out radicals within our
community, they have criticized sting operations as being ‘entrapment’ — a
claim that has not stood the test of anti-terrorism court cases since 9-11
[Al Qaida attacks in 2001],” the report, dated June 20 and titled “The American Muslim Response to Hearings on Radicalization within their Community,” said.

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“Informants end up being showcased as bad apples and subjects of lawsuits rather than

Mosque leaders in Minneapolis, backed by CAIR, were said to have
encouraged congregants not to report their missing children, believed to
have joined Al Shabab in Somalia. The report said those who reported their
missing children were being accused of trying to destroy the mosque and
working with anti-Islamic forces.

The report said Saudi-funded mosques were also converting inmates to
Islam. The committee’s investigation said mosques sponsor programs for
ex-convicts that intensify their radicalization process and in some cases
enable recruitment by Al Qaida.

“Most of the programs for Muslims transitioning out of the prison system
are sponsored by mosques that are local to the prisons,” the report said.
“Many of these mosques have extremist leanings and are known to adhere to
Wahabi ideology. In addition to the transition programs, many of the
sponsoring mosques also have volunteers or formal programs to provide
religious instruction inside the prisons.”

The report said several leading Al Qaida networks were recruiting in the
United States. The House committee cited Al Shabab, Al Qaida in the Arabian
Peninsula and Al Qaida Organization in the Islamic Maghreb.

“Reflecting a disturbing trend across global terrorist organizations
such as Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, Shabab leaders appear to be
actively recruiting Americans, including a targeted recruitment of Americans
who are not of Somali descent,” the report said. “In addition to Al Shabab’s
growing radicalization and recruitment of Americans, the group has also
actively recruited a number of Canadian citizens.”

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