Video: Jewish Man Arrested For Walking His Dog Around Muslims in Canada

Toronto police have arrested a Jew who shoved back a Muslim who punched him for not moving his “unclean” dog further away from Muslim women during an anti-Israel rally. The Muslim was neither arrested nor questioned.

Allan Eintoss showed up at the annual Al Quds rally to register his disapproval of the celebration’s call for destroying Israel, The Toronto Sun reported.

He took along his therapy-trained dog “Cupcake,” draped with an Israeli flag while other Jewish protesters were told to put away their Israeli flags because they were “inciting” Muslims waving Palestinian Authority flags.

After two Muslim women asked him about his dog, Eintoss refused a demand by a Muslim man that he move away because, they said, he was “not allowed to go near our women.”  As he walked away, another demonstrator punched him in his chest, prompting Eintoss to shove him back.

Police stepped in and one officer blamed him for being so insensitive as to bring a dog to an Islamic rally, while other policemen promptly handcuffed him and carted him away on charges of incitement to riot and assault. He was freed after agreeing to leave the area.

Eintoss is considering legal action against the police by demanding a public inquiry into the arrest.

[youtube acwrm-tE3aA nolink]

“Insensitivity” to Muslims has been in fashion lately.

Individuals have been accused of blasphemy or of insulting Islam for speaking ill of Allah, finding fault with the prophet Mohammed, drawing a picture and speaking against Islamic leaders in some Muslim countries, according to Wikipedia.

Two months ago, a world renowned Turkish classical pianist was charged with insulting Muslim values in comments posted on Twitter and quoting a well-known poem by an 11th Century Persian poet who ridiculed the hypocrisy of people pretending to be pious.”

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The Family Security Matters website has reported, “In an effort to counter ‘Islamophobia’ in British schools, teachers now are required to teach ‘key Muslim contributions’ such as Algebra and the number zero’ in math and science courses, even though the concept of zero originated in India.”

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  1. The cops come down on the people that are less likely to riot, raise hell, destroy property and even kill when it comes to a showdown between muslims and those that oppose them!
    If these rag heads want protest against things that go against their “religion” (ha, that’s a joke!) then what the hell do they want in a country that represents just about everything that they and their crazy ass “religion” are against

  2. A better idea would be to get a few visually challenged people with seeing eye dogs to go to a Muslim restaurant.
    Visually impaired people have a legal right to take their dogs into restaurants.
    So then the choice is either to support the Muslims and ignore the law by denying the handicapped their rights or enforcing the law. Now thats a good strategy. Use the law to your benifit, be smart.

    • great idea Fred, wanna go hunting some morning with me. I know a couple of neighborhoods where it is always open season!
      Have you heard about the Dems. plan to host a couple 1000 muslims and have a 2 hour muslim prayer on Friday at their convention?
      When the hell has either party invited any group to hold a prayer at their convention.
      How sad they and HUSSEIN are. He decides at the last minute, just before election that gays have a right to get married. Then he decides that the latinos should be made citizens at the last minute and just before the election.
      Then he decides it is not the right time to agree with the UN on a small arms treaty – just before election!
      He says that he sees it is now possible to work across the aisle with the Republicans – just before the election! Now they decide that this is a good time to kiss muslim ass and maybe get their vote at the same time – just before the election.
      This prick would throw his own mother under the bus if digging her up and doing that would get him elected.
      He wants it so bad that you just know he has a lot of plans left to destroy this country that he didn’t get fulfilled in the first term!

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