Muslims Discuss Sexual Desirability of Six-Year-Old Girls

Muhammad the founder of Islam and false prophet had sex with a child named Aisha when she was only nine years old, he was 52.

According to the Qur’an (65:4), Muslims can have sex with prepubescent girls. Hence, it shouldn’t be surprising to find a Muslim imam telling his fellow Muslims to cover up little girls because of their sexual desirability.

The founder of Islam also coveted a baby crawling and married his own son Zyads wife, as well as taking slave women from war for sex and forced marriages.

[youtube cEINan4nWAE nolink]

Ishaq:311 “The Apostle saw Ummu’l when she was a baby crawling before his feet and said, ‘If she grows up, I will marry her.’ But he died before he was able to do so.”

Tabari IX:134“Muhammad took Zaynab [his daughter-in-law] but Allah did not find any fault in the [incestuous] relationship and ordered the marriage.

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