I Thought the Democrats Wanted Peace?

Both political sides are attacking each other and are saying things way out of context. Fortunately for the Republicans, it stops there. Unfortunately for the Democrats, it doesn’t. They don’t seem to realize that the bad behavior is hurting their chances for a victory in November.

Let us go back to last year, when the protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker were in full force. Protesters slept outside of and trashed the Wisconsin State Capitol, costing millions of dollars in repairs. They also threatened to KILL the state assemblymen and senators. The protesters also waved signs comparing Scott Walker to HITLER. I don’t remember Scott Walker killing anybody, all I remember is a balanced budget. What ended up happening? A recall, that pumped up Wisconsin Republicans and led to a Scott Walker victory. The taxpayers and voters were sick of the protests and the recall that cost the state millions.

Look back a few months ago at Occupy Wall Street. Many people agreed on the dissatisfaction with Wall Street, but the behavior of the protesters was out of line. It was amazing how many people took a stand against OWS. The protesters again trashed the city, threatened to kill police and many fights broke out. What ended up happening? A frustrated middle and upper class. They realized that these jobless protestors were living off the government, most were not looking for a job, and that they expected to receive the better benefits than the working class.

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Let us fast forward to about two weeks ago, when a Democrat heckled during a private Women for Romney event in Appleton, Wisconsin at a private business. A Romney supporter next to her told her to wait until the end to ask questions or make comments and the heckler spit in her face. Another heckler started jeering and, along with his accomplice, was quickly thrown out. As they left, they yelled “[Wisconsin Governor] Scott Walker is the worst governor ever, [expletive]!” Fortunately, the whole event was taped on local TV stations and shown on national news. Then, the first heckler claimed she was clawed by the Romney supporter, which the tape proved false. The rude protesters outside were yelling and screaming as well. What ended up happening? Bad media for the Democrats.

Now let us look at what is happening today. Rude protesters are heckling and protesting at every Pro-Republican rally imaginable. They yell into the microphone and interrupt speeches daily. Even at the convention this week, the Democrats are protesting away. What ends up happening? More Republicans pumped up and more bad media for the Democrats.

Yes, this is happening, and it is not all of the Democrats. It is the far left. The far left are killing the public’s view of the Democratic Party. Voicing your opinion is a great right and freedom we have in this country. Unfortunately, the far left have abused the right. The far left’s Scott Walker protests, Occupy, Chick-fil-A and the more recent protests are going to kill the Democrats in the end, because they fail and pump up Republicans. What is happening? Independents are waking up. Young voters are waking up. Even some Democrats are waking up. They realize that they Democratic Party isn’t what it used to be. They are changing to the Romney/Ryan ticket because they realize that the Democratic Party can’t make the tough decisions or lead us to a better future. Thanks to the far left, these protests will lead us to victory in November.

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