Unemployment Drop Masks Facts

The UE Number dropped because 368,000 workers dropped off the UE rolls and stopped looking last month. Even if the jobs created number was a negative the “Official” UE Number would have dropped.

Obama and his liberal media need to reduce the unemployment rate below 8% to keep Obama in power by all possible means, he just removes close to million jobs of Americans that are desperate and stopped looking for jobs any more.

The result is more than million less jobs for the American people compared to the people worked during Bush era. Romney is right to criticize the Obama regime deceitful and artificial reduction of unemployment rate below 8% by removing 873,000 jobs from the market and adding 114,000 jobs.

While unemployment has fallen to 8.1 percent from 10 percent in 2009, the CHART OF THE DAY shows the percentage of people working, known as the employment-population ratio, has remained near its lows of the recession, suggesting limited progress toward a recovery in jobs.

Watch Allen West Own a Shouting CNBC Anchor on Jobs Numbers

[youtube K7ZrbbVPsi8 nolink]

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