The reasons Obama has Failed us

By Gordon Smith–   This week, I decided to list the reasons I would not vote for Barack Obama in the next election. A few months ago, I said I would never join the “Anyone But Obama” crowd. Now I must eat my words. Having lived under the rule of this egotist for three and a half years, it is time for a change. I cannot vote for Obama because of his deception and his failed promises. He promised us prosperity and he gave us a serious recession that bordered on a depression. He is currently traveling the country on taxpayer supported Air Force One at a cost of over $181,000 for each and every hour, while spouting that the recovery is here. This cost does not include the amount spent on Secret Service protection for these trips. The President claims that if reelected he will finish the job. In my opinion, his number one job appears to be bankrupting the country.

Since he was elected, our President has done everything in his power to destroy our economy and our international reputation. The recovery, if it can be called that, is very slow indeed. Jobs are not being created for the millions of Americans who have not only lost their jobs but they have lost the hope of ever finding a job. Depending on which numbers you use, the real unemployment rate is between twelve and seventeen percent. The government statistics exclude people who have been out of work for more than a year as they “have left the workforce and are not available for employment”. This is a nice trick to lower the stated unemployment rate and to falsely show economic improvement. I know several people who have been unemployed for more than a year and they truly would like to work. Our government under the current President and his EPA administrators forced more companies to shutter their factories and move some or all of their operations overseas. In this environment, real job growth is an illusion.

The President willingly relinquished the role of the United States of America as the preeminent world leader. He has weakened our position internationally. He abandoned Israel, our only consistent ally in the Middle East. On several occasions, he accepted international intervention into our political affairs through United Nations and other foreign powers. He actively supports United Nations Agenda 21 on sustainable development. He will use this to further implement his “green” agenda, forcing the price of living higher and creating more hardships for American families. America does not need Agenda 21 or any other internationally mandated policies. We elect our representatives to Congress so that Americans can set the policies we want, in our own country, without foreign intervention. We don’t need the French or the Chinese suggesting what we should do. As for the Chinese, they should clean up their air pollution and industrial practices before they criticize us for polluting our environment.

Our President continues to encourage illegal immigration. Any efforts to curtail the onslaught of millions of “undocumented workers” are rigorously opposed by the Justice Department. Sheriff Joe Arpaio attempted to enforce our immigration laws when the federal government refused to do so. This Arizona sheriff stands alone in the battle to stop the flow of illegal immigration. President Obama has instructed the Justice Department to use the full force of the American government and unlimited funding to stop Sheriff Arpaio. The Sheriff does not have the resources to properly defend his actions, but he is making a valiant stand. In my mind, he will go down in history as the Sheriff who stood against corrupt practices of the federal government. He is fighting a modern-day battle of the Alamo. Like Davie Crockett and Daniel Boone he is hopelessly outnumbered but he continues to fight for our cause.

The President is no champion of our Second Amendment rights. He is constantly working to disarm Americans so that they cannot defend themselves. If the American people are disarmed, they will not be able to defend themselves from criminals who will attack us, steal our property, and abuse our families. The right to bear arms is a cornerstone of American freedom. No other country offers this to their citizens. What President Obama forgets is that armed citizens become the Army of Last Defense should America be invaded. Any military force that attempts to overtake our nation will be met by over 100 million Americans, fully armed, ready to defend our country. I often wonder if the Holocaust could have been prevented if the European Jews had weapons to defend themselves. Without weapons, over 6 million Jews were exterminated. It is clear to me that only an armed citizenry can ensure that this atrocity will not happen here and will not happen again.

The Obama administration continues to oppose voter identification laws. Several states passed these laws to prevent noncitizens from voting in our elections. The Justice Department recently ordered the State of Florida to stop purging noncitizens from the voter lists. (…). I do not understand how the leader of our country can support fraudulent voters. People who are not citizens or are not otherwise entitled to vote should not vote. Voter identification is a practical tool to ensure that elections are fair.

Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) knowingly sold guns to Mexican cartels in the “Fast and Furious” operation. These guns were used for numerous crimes and violent murders in Mexico and the murder of an American Border Patrol agent. I always knew that some stupid ideas can emerge from a government bureaucracy but “Fast and Furious” takes the cake. Only an idiot would place deadly weapons including machine guns in the hands of known criminals. As far as I know, this idiot has not been identified and remains in a position of power within this administration.

The destruction of the economy has brought pain and suffering to many American families. More Americans are on food stamps than ever before. American corporations have amassed more than $1 trillion overseas. They cannot repatriate these funds, as repatriation will result in double taxation. Taxes have already been paid in the country where the profits were earned. Bringing this money home to the United States where it can be used to build factories, create jobs, and vastly improve our economy, will result in massive taxes. These taxes will confiscate much of the foreign profits of our corporations. Rather than having the government “invest” in additional failed stimulus, we should let corporations bring their money home tax-free if they use it to invest in infrastructure and job creation. This vast monetary treasure is sitting idle overseas as corporations do not want the administration and the greedy bureaucracy to get their grimy little hands on these funds.

I’m sure there are many more examples of inept government, foolish spending, and corrupt politicians. Our government has become a massive roadblock to prosperity. It is almost impossible for small businesses to expand and hire Americans. The Government of the United States of America has placed the yoke of servitude on the people just as the British placed the yoke of crippling taxation on the original colonists. President Obama has sold us out to special interests and foreign powers. Our only option is to vote him out of office in November. I find myself willing to vote for “Anyone But Obama”. I never thought it would come to this but what is the alternative?

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