Why Tonight’s Debate Was Toned Down

If you wondering why the debates were toned down tonight, Holly Bailey reported on Yahoo News earlier that the Romney campaign’s internal focus

groups showed that swing voters didn’t like the confrontational second debate, which journalists and political junkies loved. Romney appeared to not want to take the risk and challenge Obama as he is currently ahead in the polls and it was not worth the added risk.

So Romney appeared to be intentionally lowering the temperature. Obama tried to be aggressive more than once and Romney kept it calm. Overall the debate was much more boring that the others. Romney got a little aggressive in responding to Obama’s apology tour and skipping travel to Israel.

The two candidates were found to be agreeing with each-other often tonight, this will as expected benefit the incumbent. When speaking about Pakistan, Romney’s Pakistan answer had no criticism of Obama at all, he clearly was NOT looking for confrontation. Actually Romney had little criticism of Obama, the whole debate was Romney mostly discussing what he can do, no longer challenging Obama. Will that mood work to Romney’s advantage as his focus group suggested?

Obama is being a little too aggressive for the “undecideds”according to Romney study group makes the undecided voters uncomfortable, Romney would mention that attacking him would not benefit him. The focus group suggest leaning voters prefer the moderate non aggressive attitude that Romney seems to set in tonight’s debate.

Obama seems like to mention that Bin Laden is dead, Romney reminded him Al Queda is still alive, although overall the debate was a yawner. The moderator also did a poor job on keeping the topic on the table. For about 10 minutes this foreign policy debate was focused on Domestic issues, Bob Schieffer was helpless to keep subjects on track. Lucky for Obama there was not mention of the Fast and Furious debacle in Mexico backed by the Obama administration that led o the murders of hundreds of Mexican civilians and an American citizen.

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