Top 10 Reasons to Replace President Obama in 2012

Fri, 10/05/2012 – 12:36pm | AmericanPatriot

1. Obamacare – Do you know that the cost to implement Obamacare is nearly double what we were originally told it would be? Do you want Medicare to be cut by $500 billion? Do you want a government bureaucrat deciding if you get health care or die?

The Bill was brought to the floor after several all- night back boiler-room deals. With more than 2400 pages, impossible for lawmakers to review, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said: “We need to pass the bill to see what’s in it” then it was bulldozed to the floor for a fast vote and passage. For the first time in our Nation’s history, and blatantly against our Constitution, an individual  will be forced to purchase a product. Private citizens who do not comply will be forced to pay a hefty fine. After passage, odd portions of the thousands of pages started coming to light that proved to be deeply disturbing. Some religions (such as Muslims) are exempt from participation. Despite The President’s “promise” that medical decisions will continue to be between the doctor and the patient, and that citizens will be able to keep current policies, it has become evident that such will not be the case. With insurance premiums skyrocketing and CEOs screaming “foul,” The Administration has issued waivers to thousands of large companies, many of them unionized corporations who have pledged countless campaign dollars toward his re-election. Logic would dictate that if Obamacare is the ultimate solution, no waiver would ever be necessary. The U.S. Supreme Court heard initial arguments on this issue in March, 2012, final outcome – unknown.

2. The Deficit – Can we afford Obama increasing our national debt by nearly $5 trillion in 3+ years? Where will it go to from here? Obama had made the statement that President Bush’s requests for debt ceiling increases were Un-American. For 1050+ days,

Congress has failed to pass a budget. With that, our debt continues to rise from $10.6 trillion when he took office to $15.6 trillion during the 3+ years of his Presidency. Our national debt rises at a rate of 3.98 billion/day under this President and his Senate majority. The most recent budget proposal that President Obama has offered is so certain to fail, Senate Majority Leader Reid  refuses to even bring it to the floor for a vote. Many Conservative leaders predict that this is a plan to reinforce to uninformed voters during his next campaign that he has made repeated attempts at annual budgets, but because of the “Do-Nothing Congress,” his hands are tied. He’ll state that four more years in office will surely bring all his Hope and Change to fruition, and as a result, the National debt reduction promise he had made would be fulfilled. Rather than call this rise debt increases, The President refers to his Big Spending as “Investments to Our Country’s Future. “

3. Arizona Immigration Law – Do you agree with Obama’s Justice Department suing Arizona and several other states for enforcing constitutional immigration laws the Feds won’t enforce?

What is wrong with this picture? The Obama administration does not support or enforce already existing immigration laws, and has chosen not to secure the border with Mexico. Increasing border violence and crime put citizens at risk, and illegal workers take their jobs. With half a million illegal aliens coming through the state annually, it became clear that Arizona would have to take greater measures, so the state legislature passed SB1070 and Governor Jan Brewer signed it into law. They were promptly served with a

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lawsuit from the Federal government. (Note that nearly half of the United States is actively considering Arizona-style immigration laws, despite the Obama administration’s lawsuit.) This aggressive attack on a State’s rights and on immigration reform in general, showcases a blatant agenda to undermine and restrain laws that are necessary for National Security and Defense. The question now is, why? Why won’t President Obama secure the borders and enforce the law?  To be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court this year.

4. The Stimulus –  $800 Billion Stimulus Dollars spent on job growth and where are the jobs, and where did the money go? It is estimated that Obama’s $800 billion stimulus package cost taxpayers $278,000 for every job it created – a dismal failure at best.

Questions arise… Where is the money? Where are the jobs? Though the scandals involving government spending are numerous, let us focus on the stimulus funds apportioned to the clean energy industry, beginning with Solyndra. Shortly after receiving 528 million taxpayer dollars, the solar panel maker declared bankruptcy. It is now reported that there are at least 11 more Solyndra-type clean

energy companies having trouble after collectively being approved for more than $6.5 Billion in federal assistance. As of January, five had already filed for bankruptcy! While it is too late to undo the damage, it must stop now! Terrible policy precedent has been set, and other industries are lining up to claim their government handout. We have seen clearly that government spending cannot repair the economy. Free enterprise and open markets are the only solution. But through executive order, with no accountability or debate, President Obama has added heavy regulations and fees for businesses, making it increasingly difficult for the market to right itself. If continued, these crippling regulations and out-of-control government spending will strip working Americans of their hardearned money, and redistribute it through dangerous liaisons and crony capitalism.

5. Supreme Court Appointees – Can America accept 3-4 new Obama appointed Socialist Supreme Court Judges and survive?  The President of the United States appoints U.S. Supreme Court justices, as spelled out in “Article II, Section 2, paragraph 2 of the  U.S. Constitution. If Barack Obama were re-elected to a second term, he would have the power to appoint as many as three and possible four Justices to replace those who are likely to retire during that term. Most presidents will nominate candidates who broadly share their ideological views, so you can see why it is so important that this Socialist President not be given a second term.

Our country is a Constitutional Republic based on the fundamental rule of law as established in the Constitution. Conservative Justices make decision based on the Constitution and favor smaller government & individual freedom as our Founding Fathers  envisioned. Liberal Justices make decisions based on the assumption that the Constitution is a living document and can be changed  from its original intent, and tend to favor larger more intrusive government, which means the loss of individual freedoms. Look at the Presidents positions on issues if you want to get an idea of the positions his nominees will take once seated on the bench. The Obamacare mandate to purchase insurance, the ongoing attacks on freedom of religion & speech are examples of his defiant opposition to the 1St Amendment. He has taken a position against gun ownership, and has signed on to the U.N. gun trading treaty(gun control) in opposition to the 2ndAmendment. If you don’t want a Supreme Court that follows this aggressive Socialist pattern then this President should not be elected to a second term.

6. The Obamacare Insurance Mandate – Do you believe it is right to force a religious organization to do something that is against their religious beliefs and moral conscience?

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The Department of Health and Human Services recently issued a mandate requiring Catholic & Christian religious organizations such as schools and hospitals to include abortion inducing drugs, sterilization and contraception to their health insurance coverage for employees. Apart from this mandate being a religious liberty issue (forcing a person to do something that is against their moral convictions), it is Un-Constitutional. The 1stAmendment states in part that:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. A recent Congressional Research Service (CRS) report warns that churches could be facing more than financial ruin having to pay fines of up to $100.00 /day / employee for not complying with the mandate. Resisting the mandate could land them in court since under Obamacare employers and insurers can both be sued by a participant of their insurance plan. Religious groups would be left to deal with an attack from all sides: moral, financial & legal. If this mandate is allowed to stand we can expect future mandates, under the guise of “health care” to include things like late term abortions, sex-change operations, the use of embryonic stem cells and a variety of other procedures that many Americans don’t  support because of religious, moral or personal convictions. If we allow government to decide what must be covered, can’t they also decide what not to cover like organ transplants or joint replacement for senior citizens? If we allow government to take away our 1stAmendment religious freedoms now, what freedom will they take away next?

7. No energy strategy – Do you believe that closing down offshore drilling, slowing nuclear plant builds, & restricting the development of our own natural resources is considered a strategy? Why did Obama stop construction of the Keystone Oil Pipeline that would have delivered shale oil from Canada for American use? The President’s insistence of green energy development as a replacement of abundantly available traditional hydrocarbon based resources has fallen flat. Despite generous tax credits for the purchase of the government supported Chevy Volt, they sit idly in dealer lots, unaffordable and unpopular. Even with today’s high fuel costs most hybrids and electric vehicles are not selling well.

New solar energy companies, initially backed with stimulus dollars, are declaring bankruptcy as the taxpayer money dries up. Mr. Obama was elected in 2008 despite publicly stating that residential electric bills should skyrocket to encourage conservation.  Laughably, this president’s wise solution to reducing gasoline consumption is to keep automobile tires properly inflated and keep current on tune-ups. After more than three years in office, this administration has failed to produce any form of workable energy strategies.

8. Abuse of the Education System – Why is the Obama Administration making schools teach socialism, homosexuality, providing condoms to children, and teaching social justice?

Will the type of teaching taking place today destroy traditional American values and the proper historical perspective on these issues in the future? The education of our youth has switched from learning actual history and Founding Fathers values to indoctrination by a unionized work force providing a leftist agenda in support of their self-serving agenda.  The origin of education in the US was in fact the desire

of first settlers for a religious based education where basic education skills were taught with emphasis on analytical thinking.  Alexis de Tocqueville commented that only in America were liberty and religion so intimately combined. Today, a politicized teacher labor force goes against religious teachings to promote concepts supportive of union political goals.  There is no question that socialism, homosexuality, social justice and liberal morality are only recently ‘acceptable’ and provide support to unique political minorities and goals. The public school system now works on revisionist history which is characterized by the schools more and more taking the place of traditional parental roles in providing values to children and substituting a quasi-governmental role instead.  More control and more money have become the norm, now just starting to be challenged by awakening parental concerns as the education system falters in both direction and quality.

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9. The Price of Gasoline – Can we afford $5 or $6.00 / gallon gas under Obama, and why does he want energy costs to skyrocket? At the time Obama was inaugurated gas was at $1.79/gallon.

The nation was aware of a severe worldwide economic crisis and hopeful that steps taken would resolve these economic difficulties.  Regarding gasoline prices, the economic collapse seemed to put downward price pressure due to falling demand.  Instead, President Obama directed his administration’s efforts to green energy policies while railing against all carbon based main stream energy sources.  Rather than support the viable oil based economy, he focused all support and effort on wind, solar, and other energy sources in their infancy. The oil companies were demonized, oil reserves tapped for political purposes, and proven reserves put off limits by the EPA.  American funds were even given to Brazil for their, not our drilling.  The BP oil spill allowed further opportunity to shut down development and the end result of these actions has been a continual increase in gasoline prices, the President even said “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket”. His Energy Secretary recently said that he would like our gas prices to get the same level as in Europe ($10-$12.00/gal.). The current price of $4.00/gallon is the highest ever for this time of year and all expectations are for much higher prices throughout 2012.

10. Continuous Class Warfare – Is Obama’s practice of continuously demonizing the rich for not paying their fair share of taxes reasonable when you realize that if all of their income was taken by the I.R.S. it would not begin to solve our debt problems?

Class warfare is using class differences like race, ethnicity, education level, social level or in this case economic status to divide us as a country. Democrats have historically been very good at this & have used it to get specific groups to embrace Democratic candidates that claim to support their issues. This philosophy strikes at the very heart of what makes us great, our common shared attribute of being Americans first. Throughout our countries history our free enterprise system has encouraged us to strive for greatness, to pursue our dreams, & if we became wealthy in the process – so much the better. Democrats are suggesting that there is an easier way, promising cradle to grave entitlements their ideais to spread the wealth around, let the “rich” pay more taxes. President Obama said to Joe the plumber “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” – isn’t that called Socialism? The Heritage Foundation said in 2008 the top 1% of income earners paid 38% of all taxes, the bottom 50% of income earners  paid 3% of all taxes, & 49% of U.S. households paid no taxes at all. Seems to be a great reason to support a more equitable tax system where everyone contributes to the overall well-being of the country. That makes everyone a participant in the process.

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