Trumps October Surprise, what is it? One Possibility

We don’t know what Trumps surprise is what he plans to release Wednesday, in speculation it could be about the recent court trial. Yesterday, a trial was conducted in Indianapolis Indiana on the issue of Declaratory relief and injunctive relief due to Obama’s use of forged Birth Certificate, Selective Service Certificate and a fraudulently obtained Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425.

The Presiding Judge is a superior court Judge Sherry K. Reid. For the Plaintiffs appeared attorneys Orly Taitz and local Indiana counsel Greg Black. For the defense appeared Deputy Attorney General Kenneth Joel and Deputy attorney general Jefferson Garn.

Over an extremely rigorous objection by the defense, Judge Reid admitted into evidence exhibits and testimony of witnesses Paul Irey and Felicito Papa.

Mr. Papa testified that he graduated from the Indiana Institute of Technology had some 20 years of experience with Adobe Illustrator program. He testified that Obama”s birth certificate opened in Adobe illustrator in 9 layers, which means that this is a document, which underwent computer manipulation. Mr. Papa testified that it cannot be a genuine document, as in 1961 there was no Adobe Illustrator. Birth certificates in 1961 were created not on the computer, but with a typewriter. He stated his opinion that this is a forgery. His exhibits, showing layers within the document, were admitted into evidence.

Mr. Paul Irey testified that he has 57 years of experience working for NSA and later advertising, typesetting and computer graphics programs.

Mr. Irey testified that Obama’s alleged birth certificate is a computer generated forgery.

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Mr. Irey had a large board with exhibits, where he showed enlargements of all the letters in Obama’s birth certificate. He vividly demonstrated that letters came from different typesetting, which in itself is a proof of forgery.

Additionally Mr. Irey testified that when a document is printed with a typewriter, the spaces between the letters are the same, however in Obama’s birth certificate the spacing varies, which is a sign of forgery.

Mr. Irey also testified that there is a white halo around letters in Obama’s birth certificate, which can exist only as a result of computer manipulation. Mr. Irey testified that Obama’s birth certificate is a computer generated forgery.

Decision by the court is expected within a week.

Is this what Obama is going to bring to the table as his surprise tomorrow? Or is it something even more exciting that another birther issue?

Other possibilities are a deal with Iran, Obama would ask Iran to temporarily halt part of its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of many U.S. sanctions against the Islamic regime. Obama would be seen as the only leader to successfully negotiate with Iran, and seal in he reelection.

Then there is an alleged a man claiming to be a “pal” to Obama had contacted GOP operatives to go public with his claim that Obama used and sold cocaine in college. The report said the GOP didn’t want anything to do with the claim, and Trumps assistance said the surprise has nothing to do with Obama previous drug usage.

Then there is a possible leak in Obama college transcripts, exposing information that could damage the Obama, or the public will get a glimpse of divorce papers nearly filed by Barack and Michelle Obama in 2000. We can wait and see, Trump is personally releasing the information via twitter tomorrow.

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