VIDEO PROOF: Democrat Congressman’s Son Caught Advising VOTER FRAUD

Here is the son of a Democrat in Congress advising someone on how to commit VOTER FRAUD.

Pat Moran, who is the acting Field Director of his father Jim’s campaign, advises this undercover gentlemen who has a list of 100 voters that he only has to forge utility bills, which can be done “with ease” in order to drive around and vote for these people himself.

More damning proof of voter fraud that Obama and the AG Eric Holder say doesn’t exist. Liberals say that conservatives are looking to suppress the vote by wanting voter ID.  Here is proof of why voter ID is needed.

[youtube gT77qP2Nai8 nolink]

So, how does it make you feel that utility bills are all that is required in order to vote in the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN AMERICAN HISTORY? Does it bother you that illegals with a cable bill will be able cast a vote for the guy who feeds them your money?


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VIDEO PROOF: Democrat Congressman's Son Caught Advising VOTER FRAUD, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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  1. If people without photo IDs were Republican voters, then you would be saying how anti-constitutional it is preventing them from voting.

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    • How can you even back up a claim like that?

      Republicans are calling for all voters to show ID whether they are Democrat, Republican, or another party. Your liberal bias is clearly showing by your outrageous comment.

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      • Independent articles by people who are not Republican OR Democrat show how 80% or more of those suddenly unable to vote (despite not being a felon) were Democrat voters.

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        • Might that be because they interviewed illegal aliens? Back up your claim with a link.

          Did you even watch the video above? Suppressing voter ID is being done by Democrats trying to retain power. Those voting for Democrats might think that Democrats are serving the people’s best interests when in actuality they are trying to create a dependent state with themselves in power.

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        • Adam you need id to drive, buy alcohol or get a library card, the only reason to not show id in voting is to promote voter fraud and allow illegals and other non citizens to vote.

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  2. Why not just let the crooks, the illegal, the dead along with all drunks, drug addicts and any other low life be the ones to vote to determin how this country is going to be run. We have a good example already. Liars, crooks, illegalls as in your boy Obama. I am an American citizen and proud of it but what that illegal pos and his mob have done to the greatest country in the world is sickening. I am proud of my country but voters made a big mistake in voting for the first black who isnt all black but because he claims to be a black Muslim not one elected idiot will do a damn thing to try and stop his terrorism.

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  3. The whole idea about the underhandedness is to get Muslims in to steal, kill and destroy. I don’t want that. I want to protect God fearing people who keep God’s laws instructing us to love others.

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  4. Artie, make sure you remember to love ALL others, even Muslims. Even the poor and needy. Trump’s policies are to hurt these groups to make him and other rich people feel good and have even more money.
    That’s selfishness, the opposite of love.
    Otherwise Jesus will ask us where were we when he was fleeing war in the middle east and we rejected his asylum.

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