Will America Choose a Path of Freedom?


Millions of Americans are still under the spell of Obama socialism, despite four years of bitter disappointment.

Just like before the brutal ruin of good nations became fully clear from the tyrannical excesses of Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu, the masses today in America are being bought with Obama’s big government promises of security, safety and prosperity at the expense of the “rich.”

Today in America it is government handouts – ranging from food stamps, to endless welfare, to even cellphones – all under the optimistic banner of “hope” and “change” that is seducing our free people to abandon liberty.

In just two days, America will choose between socialism or freedom.

We, the American people are being told that our troubles are not the fault of our over-bloated government, or of the incompetent and corrupt Obama administration intruding upon our freedoms and crushing our opportunities.

We are being told that the redistribution of wealth from those willing to work hard to those who think they should not have to work at all is the only “fair” thing to do to solve this economic crisis that our slide into socialism is creating for us.

We are being told that our country’s Founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are WRONG.

Our future as a free nation is on the line.

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Human Rights and Legal Immigration Attorney Virginia Prodan fled Romania 24 years ago as a political exile, persecuted by the communist government for her defense of human rights. Now she is warning us – we must help America hear and heed her warning.

Fiscally, we know our nation cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama’s out-of-control spending, but money is nothing compared to freedom.

We’re not starving, yet, but if Obama manages to rally his socialist base to cast their ballots for bigger, more communistic government, we’re in trouble because the end of a free market economy in this country means the end of opportunity, growth and hope for our nation’s renewal.

Another four years of Obama means more crushing blows to individual liberty, self-determination and a chance at the American dream.

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We know which path we need America to take! Now we must help get this compelling video testimony TO VOTE FREEDOM, AND REJECT SOCIALISM to undecided Americans and those who we desperately want to wake up to political reality.

It’s no conspiracy, and it’s not an exaggeration. Socialism is here.

We must stop Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America. If we don’t, Obama and his communistic agenda will destroy us.

Tuesday’s vote may well make or break this country.

The rise of socialism must be stopped.

There are many socialist Democrat U.S. Senate races and starkly-contrasted U.S. House seats in contention all around America Tuesday.

Help us help Virginia to reach them with her testimony for liberty, to beg them to choose wisely, and …

IMPLORE her fellow Americans to VOTE FOR FREEDOM!

America MUST Vote Freedom, Vote Life and Liberty on Tuesday – SELECT HERE to help support our candidates and our work.

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