Obama Wins Reelection, USA Loses! Four More Years of Self Implosion!

Appears tonight the United States has lost, as the country steams toward socialism, massive taxation and further debt. If you did not vote, don’t complain. In Florida Obama was ahead by about the same amount of votes Gary Johnson the libertarian pulled in, 40,000. Johnson could very well be the Nader of the Republican party when Gore lost Florida in 2000.

We now have a unchained President Obama, with no reelection worries he can run the country as he wants, as he promised to the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. We will continue to see the middle east spiral out of control, as Islamist rapidly take the middle east with the full assistance of Obama. We will see more executive power grabs from Obama as he ignore the voice of the people by bypassing congress. Israel will be ignored and forced to protect itself without the backing of the United States.

The debt continue to spiral out of control speeding us toward the likes of Greece. Soon this will all implode, 17 trillion will soon be 34 trillion and we cannot sustain that. Who is going to pay for Obama the supporters needed food stamps?

The unemployment numbers will remain stagnant, we had four years of Obama there is no reason to expect the next four to by any different. Also Obama is the first president in decades to not have a budget during his first four years, we expect that to continue.

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Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect this failed president, and with the help of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Obama has another 4 years to radically change the United States from it once successful roots. The good news is Republicans hold onto control of the U.S. House of Representatives an can possible slow down the destruction a little bit.

The Obama re-election will fuel corporate America’s fears as it holds back on investing in the country amid a stalemate over the “fiscal cliff” and lack of clarity over tax rates, billionaire investor Wilbur Ross said. China will run free without any limitations as Obama has allowed for the last 4 years. Expect the continued decline of the Untied States, and increased government spending on food stamps and other government assistance programs as the middle class erodes away under an Obama leadership.

Obamacare will kick in full swing, along with all it massive taxes hidden within the bill, the broke government borrowing daily will now be in charge of our health. Obama will continue making big defense cuts, cuts even his own defense secretary calls catastrophic. As the middle east radicalizes the USA will become weaker, and less able to defend itself, Iran has says they have drones and would love to send them to a city near you.

Barack Obama may well well get this re-election without winning the national popular vote, something no president has ever done except Wilson. Succeeding at this, he would be the weakest elected president since Rutherford B. Hayes, and the lamest lame duck in American history. The Obama victory guarantees stalemate and higher taxes, less disposable income for already strapped citizens so the government can waste it away.

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Expect stocks to sell off briefly with an Obama victory as investors would move to bonds as capitalism will be put to the ultimate test, gold bullion should also be going through the roof in the coming four years.

Obama did a brilliant job of pushing the Benghazi investigation findings until Nov 15th, after the election, and the White House asking Lockheed-Martin NOT to issue notices of lay-offs until December, after the election. The move to have Obamacare come into effect after the election was also a ploy by Obama to not have the negative consequences effect his re-election.

Now that Obama is re-elected, he inherits this mess from himself. There cannot be any further blaming of George W. Bush for a two-term Obama presidency. History will hold Obama accountable for the results, and the electorate will hold his party accountable in 2014 and 2016.

Bill O’Reilly said that if Barack Obama wins reelection “You’re not going to recognize this country in four years.” We are afraid that is all too true. What will USA be like in four years, the possibilities are absolutely frightening!

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