Welcome to the dependent states of America

If the most successful business executive to ever run for president can’t get elected with 23 million people out of work and an 8 percent unemployment rate, than it’s over. No incumbent President in history has won reelection under those conditions. Mitt Romney didn’t just lose an election, America lost its foundation.

This is the new America. And it will slowly start to become something foreign to many of us. Kindly check your individualism and creativity at the door. Wealth creators need not apply or we will confiscate it. For every dollar you create you will redistribute to others who did not earn it. If you complain we will have the United Nations seize your firearms and you will be eliminated.

Does this sound far fetched? Do you not think this scenario couldn’t unfold here in America in the next 15 to 20 years?

Tonight is the official beginning of the end of the Republic. The America we all thought we knew and love has become a figment of our imagination. Like a dream that is so amazing and spiritual that you just knew it had to be real. Only to wake up and realize it was just a dream from a long time ago.

Some reading this might think I’m just angry or sullen because of the President’s reelection.The fact of the matter is it’s more than just sadness. Mitt Romney didn’t lose tonight, America did. Every entrepreneur, businessman, and risk taker was just reminded that creativity and individual success is no longer celebrated and eventually might not even be tolerated. You see, this election was not just about winning an election; it was about preserving the core foundation in which the country was founded upon. And we blew it.

This result shows that when given the chance between a government centered society and a free republic the country foolishly chose dependency over prosperity. This is a sad sad day in our country’s history. We all got it wrong. Most pundits including myself underestimated the power that dependency can have on a nation. A nation now crippled under it.

Many of us were betting on the fact that the country would reject this new normal; but instead too many Americans let complacency get the better of them. Barack Obama has been a very effective President. He flawlessly executed the Cloward and Piven Strategy to perfection. If you don’t know what that is this link will explain it to you www.examiner.com/article/warning-barack-obama-may-be-intentionally-destroying-our-economy

President Dependency successfully accomplished his goal of getting enough Americans to become dependent on food stamps and welfare. The death threats that Mitt Romney was receiving should’ve been a clue that most of us missed. The Dependent Left would’ve rather killed Mitt Romney who was trying to help them than give up their free handouts. What a sad state of affairs that is.

In four years we have allowed an unknown stranger, with a shady past and radical associations to take over our beloved country. We allowed him to run up our debt, ruin our economy and take away our ability to choose our own healthcare. The people that voted for President Dependency need to ask themselves this simple question. What went so wrong in your life that you are incapable of taking care of yourself and making your own decisions that you need the government to make those decisions for you? What the Dependent Left do not understand or care to comprehend is that those handouts do come with a price. That price is your freedom. As Thomas Jefferson once said a government large enough to give you everything is also large enough to take everything away.

The Fifties had the Greatest Generation, the Eighties had the Reagan Revolution, and now the early part of the 21st century we have the Degenerate Generation. We have fallen so far in such a short amount of time it is truly frightening.

History has shown that most free democracies last on average around two hundred years. If that is true than we are in trouble.

According to the Scottish Educator Alexander Tyler, there are 8 stages of a Democracy.

1. From Bondage to Spiritual Faith
2. From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage
3. From Courage to Liberty
4. From Liberty to Abundance
5. From Abundance to Complacency
6. From Complacency to Apathy
7. From Apathy to Dependence
8. From Dependence back into Bondage

What stage do you think America is in right now?

I think we are somewhere between complacency and apathy. If we do not change course the next step in the process will be total dependence. Once we reach total dependence we will lose all our freedoms and enter into the final stage which is bondage.

What will stop this unthinkable journey? And what will it be like? How do we turn around and save the Republic? How do we stop this intrusion of the government into our lives? Is our desire for liberty stronger than the Left’s desire for dependency? Who will win out in the end?

These are the questions and subsequent answers that will unfold in the years to come. One thing is for sure whoever reads this ought to exercise their Second Amendment right while you still have it. We are one, maybe two Supreme Court Judges away from losing our right to bear arms. Or worse, we are one United Nations Treaty away from having our guns confiscated.

I don’t mean to sound so glum but folks this is the reality of our Country right now. As a political writer my job is to tell the truth no matter how hard it may seem to believe. It is my duty as a patriotic citizen to sound the alarm bells. You the reader have the choice whether or not to believe it.

Think about this. Barack Obama was able to win reelection with 23 million people out of work and facing the highest unemployment rate of any incumbent in history? That says a lot more about us than it does about him. We had a businessman, an executive, a proven job creator and more than half the country said no thanks, “I’ll go with the community organizer with the terrible record instead?”

Another reason we are dying a slow and painful death by a thousand little cuts is the very people that are supposed to be our watchdogs are instead holding the knife. Our media will eventually be the death of us. They are so far to the left that even when four Americans get murdered trying to protect us they cover it up. It is like witnessing a 20 car pile up on the freeway and the officer says, “move along nothing to see here folks.” Their contempt for this country is treasonous and it needs to stop.

Regretfully their may come a time in the future where folks who believe in the America that our founding fathers once believed in may have to take some drastic measures to preserve what is left of our republic. When that time is nobody knows. I am not trying to suggest anything here however one thing I do know is there are too many Americans who will never accept the new normal that may become the Dependent States of America.

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