Iran Shoots at US Aircraft in International Airspace, Obama does Nothing!

Drone Strikes
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Drone Strikes

Iran fired on an unarmed U.S. drone last week as it was hovering in international airspace, the Pentagon announced Thursday.

Spokesman George Little said the incident occurred Nov. 1 at 4:50 a.m. ET. He said the unarmed, unmanned drone was conducting “routine surveillance” over the Persian Gulf when it was “intercepted” by Iran. He said the MQ1 Predator drone, which was not hit, was not in Iranian airspace.

On Twitter, Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin follows up by saying the attack on the American drone by Iran was not revealed until after the election because Obama is claiming it was a “classified” mission. Reality is Obama did not want this to effect voters decisions, and choose to release the information after the election. As expected the Obama administration did nothing in response to this clear act of war by Iran.

The Obama Administration allowed our embassy to be burned down and the citizens inside killed, now Iran shoots at US drones and they respond with nothing! When will the Obama Administration stand up and defend the United States?

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