Obama Arming Muslim Brotherhood

President Obama gave Egypt almost $400 million in military aid only a month ago to arm itself.  I asked myself why they need this aid? Who exactly is Egypt’s enemy and who do they need to defend themselves against that warrants this massive American donation which is funded by the US taxpayers money with no return on investment at all, unlike Israel who shares technology development and other mutual interests.
It is obvious to the world and should have been obvious to the vast majority of Americans that Egypt is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood (an enemy of the west) who in turn are the real administrators of Hamas and certainly are on a religious quest to impose their laws globally.
Not only have senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood openly stated that they despise America and anything America stands for they have also said that they will eventually make changes to the peace treaty that was signed between Egypt and Israel.
I figure,(even if I am only 10% correct) that Egypt will eventually get more aid now from Obama and the American public and in turn we will see yet again tensions and conflict rise between Egypt and Israel and Egypt protecting the Hamas terror organization while they continue their barrage of missiles into Israel’s civilian population.
Israel strategically are faced with too many threatening military fronts and it is difficult to keep putting out “small irritable fires”. There will be a time soon where I see an Israeli government saying enough is enough.
Will the snubbing that President Obama imposed upon Netanyahu suggesting that the Israeli Prime Ministers warning calls pertaining to an Iranian nuclear weapon development was just “noise” haunt the American President? Was the sarcastic message relayed openly to the Israeli public one that should be taken seriously or just as “noise’?
Are the Americans who supported and sponsored the Obama reelection aware that they may have possibly actually voted for destruction and death that will certainly take place on a much larger scale in this already volatile region called the Middle East.
As I watched the Palestinian terror organization Hamas TV last week and I saw dancing in the streets and joy at the US election results.
They know that a Obama controlled America will be to their full advantage.

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    at the rate he is going Most All Americans soon to become Slaves.

    Your Taxes are going to go up and up and up till you think they are trying to go to the moon on your pay check.

    The US Dollar creditworthiness on World markets just went to from a negative 10 to a negative 100, the U.S. Treasury note or Dollar to fall World Wide.

    Now you would think if one keeps doubling your debt every year you would look for a new business manager and accountant or put both of them in jail. Now for them to give away your money to other Countries that say they hate you because you can read and carry a Bible is wicked.

    If you want a country to not grow keep on taxing them to death, only the government leaders and their friends that are rich will live well the rest are Slaves to them.

    Americans if you truly want the USA to stay strong and grow and for all to live will here, tell everyone in any Government office to lower all taxes. If they will not get them out of office not in less they are your friends and you are rich. Or you never learned to count or keep a bank account. you cannot spend more then you have and keep doing this we use to call this stealing. Why let our Government Leaders do it.

    After ISRAEL Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave the UN a speech showing a line that will not be crossed to all the world. Hillary Rod ham Clinton could not get to talk to ISRAEL’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Fast Enough.

    Be for this she said “Further talks with IRAN” on Monday. i would say she is saying the white house is talking to a nation that has said many times the USA is the enemy. That they feel us as a FOE showing hatred to us and Threatening us and other Nations Many Times.
    To not talk with are ALLIES make no sense at all. Hillary Rod ham Clinton must have been way too busy or too slow in the head. To See Right from wrong.

    Do not Be Mislead

    Wolf In Sheep Skin.
    The LORD’s Word in the Bible tells all to beware of many
    that will be False Prophets.

    Even the Devil cannot fake or hide that he is not
    a Christian. The Devil will always lead you to HELL.

    Most all on Earth, know that there is but one GOD.
    The Prophets of Our Lord and GOD would not tell others to
    hurt or harm others or to sin. But the wicked will.

    So how can so many be blind to think a Christian, a Prophet
    or anyone that wants to go to Heaven would tell others to do harm to one or
    anyone. Or to sin or to keep THREATENING OTHERS Making many live in Terror.

    Read the Bible
    do good and Help others
    and Listen to are Lord not Wolfs in sheep skin. Or the

    September 11 ,2001 the middle east party in the
    streets celebrating. Christian why do you think they would do any think
    different each and every September 11, . Only weak Leaders will let this happen.

    Do you really want to see oh hear of more Americans killed for sport from the wicked.
    This Nation Under GOD Needs Good Strong Christian Leaders.

    Do we want to be like many other countries like Norway Muslims Attack children in schools and Norway Muslims immigrate rape women even a 12 year old.

    And yes they are holding up signs in the middle east today saying the they are peaceful, RIGHT, most of them with a big smile on their face. and signs now that say ISLAM IS AT WAR WITH US.

    In Pakistan a young 15 year old girl “Malala Yousufzai” was shot in the head for just wanting to go to school woman have on rights and can not go to school in many Muslim countries. Many of these Countries have let this kind of barbaric and savage behavior go on for Years doing little to stop it.

    Please go to Kate Smith Introduces GOD BLESS AMERICA
    on You Tube
    and please listen to all of it the best is at the end.

    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott

    Do not worry obama will keep giving way your tax dollars to Arming The Middle East sad that many of them will never come to know The Lord Jesus Christ. Its only your money he is giving to Arming them. Two German Submarines the list is endless. Most all on earth need good work jobs and FOOD AND SAFE DRINKING WATER. NOT MORE WEAPONS AND MORE WARS.

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