OBAMA to be front-man for false “Palestinian State”

Obama had promised the PA that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be one of the main priorities for a second term. “We were told that the negotiations for a Palestinian state will be a main goal for Obama.  Netanyahu will be declared the main person responsible for the collapse of the peace process.”

The history is Democratic Presidents are used to pursue Israeli goals pretending they are pursuing “peace” and being “even-handed”.  It’s all a big scam and any Obama “Camp David” or “Oslo” II will be far more dangerous and deceptive than the precedents.

Carter brought about “Camp David” in the name of “peace”, but actually it set the region on fire, got his signing friend Anwar Sadat assassinated,  and began the Israeli apartheid policies.

Clinton brought about “Oslo” and the White House Ceremony with Rabin and Arafat in the name of “peace, but actually this institutionalized the fracturing of occupied Palestine, the further colonization of the entire Jerusalem area, a vast expansion of settlements, the separation of Gaza from the West Bank, and in total helped create the conditions for 9/11 and aftermath.

Obama I went to Cairo and made that ridiculously hypocritical speech – especially in retrospect.

Obama II, now after the eruption of the Arab Spring and the need to find new ways to consolidate the U.S./Israeli/Saudi  hold on the region, will be used to push the Palestinians and the Arab dictators to accept a “Palestinian State” which in actuality will further enshrine Israeli Apartheid and undermine, maybe forever, critical Palestinian rights.

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