CIA Chief’s Bombshell Testimony: Can Teflon Don Obama Slide Past this one too?

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U.S Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was assassinated by Muslim terrorist

The ex-CIA Chief’s testimony contained more than one bombshell today, For starters Petraeus told them that the CIA talking points meant for U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s originally contained the information that al-Qaeda elements were involved in the attack. These talking points were then altered through “an inter-agency process.” She spoke instead about an unrelated youtube video.

Legislators saw a “real-time film (showing) exactly what happened” on September 11 in Benghazi, starting before the attack began up “through the incident and the exodus. The video included shots of Stevens being dragged out of the embassy. Sen. Dan Coats, an Indiana Republican, described the footage as “a combination of video from a surveillance camera and a drone.

Petraeus said he knew almost immediately that Al Qaeda-Linked Group was Responsible for Benghazi, and the CIA notified the Obama administration of their findings that same day.

“What is clear is that this administration, including the president himself, has intentionally misinformed — read that, lied — to the American people in the aftermath of this tragedy,” said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California.

Who changed the CIA talking points, removing the evidence an al-Qaeda element was involved in the murder of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans? Does this go all the way to the Oval office in a massive cover-up, can Obama too survive this as he had previous cover-ups such as fast and furious?

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Mafia boss John Gotti was called the Teflon Don, as everybody knew he was involved in many crimes, although non could be pinned on him, Obama appears to be the new Don in town. Are the facts not sticking to Obama because the mainstream media keeps giving him passes?

Obama knew Petraeus was having an affair with Broadwell. Obama knew the affair would leave Petraeus open to blackmail. Blackmail happened: Obama blackmailed Petraeus, that’s why Petraeus originally said that Benghazi was just a mob attack. Shame on Petraeus for not coming forward before the election. Sorry General, you did far more damage to yourself by keeping it secret than you did by having an affair. Lets not forget Rev Wright claims that Obama tried to bribe him during the 2008 election, blackmail is not past this administration.

Now we also found out that the CIA security agent in Benghazi, Tyrone Woods, asked for permission to rescue Ambassador Stevens when Stevens was still alive and in the safe room. Woods was told twice by the CIA to stand down. He then disobeyed direct orders and rescued the survivors at the consulate, but it was too late for Stevens and Sean Smith.

Nixon was forced to resign for a far lesser crime, breaking and entering. No one was killed, at Benghazi we have four Americans dead sovereign USA land attacked by terrorist and an administration that covered it up weeks before his re-election. The Obama administrations intentions were to let the American people believe it was something else entirely that what is was.

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Apparently the Obama administration is interested in covering up terrorist acts against our citizens. This is aid to the enemies of the United States and is high treason, citizens must demand Obama resign or the impeachment process to begin immediately.

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