Obama’s Budget Priorities: 2000 Marines vs 1 Billion for Muslim Terrorists

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Obama Invites Muslims to gather and pray on the West Front of the Capitol in Washington Sept./2009

450 Mil for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, 45 Mil for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and 300 Mil for Palestinian Terrorists. Those are Obama’s budget priorities.

Obama is trying to “save” 10 billion dollars by firing 20,000 US Marines. Meanwhile he’s got almost half a billion for the Egyptian and Syrian Muslim Brotherhoods and another 300 million for the Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza.

Here’s a notion of an idea, that 1 billion or so being dumped on Muslim terrorists who are at war with us and whom the US Marines are protecting us from, could retain 2,000 US Marines.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather have 2,000 Marines than hundreds of millions in the pockets of Muslim terrorists. Maybe we could make that a one-question poll test.

But right now we have an administration that purges US Marines and panders to the Muslim Brotherhood. Let’s hope the next four years don’t belong to the prophet of Islam.

First up, the Brotherhood in Cairo

The Obama administration notified Congress on Friday that it intends to give Egypt’s new government an emergency cash infusion of $450 million

Sure, Barry Hussein wouldn’t want the new Muslim Brotherhood gov falling apart for lack of money.

Next up, the jolly Palestinian Muslim terrorists of the West Bank and Gaza

The Obama administration has released details of a plan to infuse another $300 million into West Bank and Gaza construction projects, spending it deems critical toward attaining the “success of a future Palestinian state.”

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Unlike the completely non-critical Marine Corps.

And finally the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday announced $45 million in additional aid for Syrian opposition activists, the latest U.S. push for influence in a civil war that’s raged beyond the international community’s control.

A pittance. 45 Million. Why that wouldn’t even be enough for a single day in an Obama vacation. They’ll have to take over Syria to score 450 million like their Egyptian brethren.

And 45 million. Why that adds up to a mere 100 US Marines.

By Daniel Greenfield of Sultan Knish Blog

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