World Bank Gives Hamas $6.4 Million Prize For Attacking Israel With Missile War

The World Bank has come to the rescue of Hamas, giving it $6.4 million to improve water and sewage services after the latest escalation in attacks on Israel that drew Israel into the eight-day Pillar of Defense counterterrorist campaign.

Gaza’s New Mall

The Islamic Development Bank is contributing an additional $11.1 million, but there has been no report of safeguard measures to ensure that some of the money will not be used for more weapons for future attacks on Israel.

The infrastructure in Gaza has been deteriorating in recent years and the area is now “choked with untreated sewage,” the Bank said, according to AFP.

“We are concerned about the lack of clean water supply and the deterioration in the quality of water resources,” Mariam Sherman, World Bank Country Director for the West Bank and Gaza, said in a statement.

“The new project is very important to Gaza citizens. Not only will it increase the sustainability of water and sewage networks, but it will also allow the utility to better serve the needs of their customers.”

The latest project will fund the construction of water tanks, the connection of major wells to the supply grid and the reduction of costly leaks.

It will also be aimed at helping the local utility to enhance billing and customer services, the Bank said.

The Real Gaza In Pictures:

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