Was George Bush Correct After all on Iraq’s WMD’s?

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Nicholas Cage played a scientist that disarmed Sarin Nerve gas rockets in the move “The Rock”



Bush used CIA and Russian intelligence to come to the conclusion Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction also called WMD.  During the invasion in 2003 a  500 ton cache of refined yellow cake uranium at Iraq’s primary nuclear research facility in Al—Tuwaitha was recovered.

It was speculated by many conservatives and some intelligence sources said Saddam hid the WMD in Syria. The left brushed this aside as false information and continued to ridicule Bush claiming he presented false info to go to war with Iraq. It was even known Saddam used Sarin VX against the Kurds, this information did not matter to the left.

This week we are beginning to see those ugly little chemicals and WMD start to surface and guess where in Syria. There was a book written by Georges Sada called “Saddam’s Secrets“. Sada was an Iraq Air Force General. What Sada claimed and the left ignored is turning out to really be true, Sada said Saddam moved the WMD materials to Syria, George Bush was not so far off base about WMDs after all. I’m sure though that some liberals have such hatred for George Bush that it would prohibit any of them from ever admitting that Bush was correct about anything. Not to mention Bush’s interrogation techniques leading to the capture of Osama bin Laden.

US officials made the claim this week that the Syrian military has gone as far as loading chemicals for the nerve gas VX Sarin into bombs, NBC News reported this on Thursday. There is also concern over over Syria’s stockpile of other chemical weapons.

Why has Assad come out and disclose these materials in Syria’s possession?  Assad could be reminding the international powers demanding his departure that his fall would likely be followed by chaos, in which radical Islamist such as Al Qaeda could get their hands on Syria’s weapons of mass destruction.

The fate of Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons is something that concerns the US. Earlier this year, a Pentagon report concluded that it would take over 70,000 troops to find and secure Syria’s vast stockpiles of WMD.

Not only did satellite photos support testimony that Iraqi WMD went to Syria, this supports the reporting of Nizar Nayouf, an award-winning Syrian journalist who said in 2004 that his sources confirmed that Saddam Hussein’s WMDs were in-fact in Syria. The left ignored his claims too, I guess they hated Bush so much the truth did not matter anymore.

So today due to this denial and delusions of the left we are now dealing with a very upset Assad whom we now know has rockets filled with sarin nerve gas. Sarin gas is among the deadliest chemical weapons, capable of quickly sickening and killing thousands of a people across a wide area in minutes. Because of the lefts denial of Saddam’s WMD sent to Syria, a war involving weapons of mass destruction might be about to begin in the next coming weeks.


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Some may remember the movie The Rock using VX Sarin Nerve gas here is a clip.


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