An Israeli-Jordanian- Palestinian Confederation

By Peter Paton

The growing idea of a an Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Confederation is beginning to materialize as the political touch stone of a future Middle East Peace Accord.

Post Gaza and Lebanon, thoughts will turn again to the Day After. Is peace in the Middle East an achievable aim or is it still a pipedream ?
To those who believe and those with forward vision and compassion, the suggestion of an Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation is a brand new concept well worth exploring by all interested parties.

This novel idea and suggestion has become a focal talking point in Amman, Washington and Palestinian centers. The objective: to bring about the dawn of a new state that could live and prosper alongside Israel, without making endless claims or continuing to play the role of victim. To achieve this end, it is imperative that responsible World leaders take the steering wheel and start pressing the accelerator.

According to US and Jordanian sources au fait with these ideas, the current goal for the next stage of Israel-Palestinian negotiations in the coming months would be a long-term interim accord. It would leave the core disputes on permanent borders, Jerusalem, the Palestinian refugees and the future of Israel’s settlements in Judea and Samaria to a later round of negotiations at some unspecified time in the future.Netanyahu could also express the desire to see an Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation, which would encompass the historical area of Palestine. In early December, the Palestinian Authority’s Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) secretly advised certain Palestinian leaders “to be prepared for a new confederation project with Jordan and other parties in the international community.

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The establishment of an Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation would sidestep the difficulties of reciprocal recognition – a Palestinian state by Israel and Israel by the Palestinians as the national state of the Jewish people. Jordan has recognized Israel and the two nations maintain full diplomatic relations. The confederation’s ruling body as such would be able to recognize Israel without requiring a public Palestinian declaration of acceptance. Equally, Israel would be saved from having to formally accept Palestinian statehood and could simply greet the new joint entity and extend an assurance of cooperation that in practice would be implemented through Jordan or any Muslim Arab element taking part in the move.

Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu should state his intention to turn over to the future Palestinian state significant parts of the territories, but with modifications that should benefit both parties, in terms of population and security concerns. He should commit to providing technological support to the new state in the areas of agriculture, electricity, water, health care and tourism.

The Palestinian state should be demilitarized, as was, for example, Costa Rica. Additionally, until a fraternal atmosphere is consolidated, the borders should be monitored by friendly countries and by Israel itself.  There are proposals to divide the approximately 300,000 settlers into three groups (an idea originally raised by A.B. Yehoshua ), on the basis of a formula to be negotiated. The first group would move to various places within Israel. The second would remain in the new state – after all, if Israel’s population is one-fifth Arab, then why can Palestine not incorporate 100,000 Jews? The third group, together with the areas where they live, should be annexed to Israel.

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Peace should constitute a new era for the refugees of the 1948-49 war. The camps should be dismantled, and their residents transferred to areas within the new state. The rich Arab countries that pour fortunes into Pharaonic projects, should commit themselves to create farms, factories and homes for these people: This would be the best “fertilizer” for the Palestinian state.

US and Arab sources disclose that Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and the Saudi King have deeply committed themselves to the historic step

These are not the only initiatives required, but they can lead to others. This is the basis of an Authentic Plan which potentially will bring about a fair and just Middle East Peace Accord for all parties.This Conceptual idea which will end disputes about borders and hopefully Jerusalem and protect Israel and Jordan from Radical Islamists. This Authentic  Plan gives the Confederation International legitimacy. Israeli settlers can live in Palestine as Arabs live in Israel. It will protect both Jordan and Israel from the attacks of Radical Islamists in Syria and stabilize the Region. In the future other states can join the confederation including Egypt; something like EU but from the Mediterranean Sea Region The Confederation Plan would create a Mediterranean club similar to the EU.  Such a Confederation will get Israel integrated into the Middle East and end Israeli diplomatic isolation.  . Also Iran would not have any excuse to attack the Confederation as Muslims, Jews and Christians live together in Peace , Tolerance and Accord. Look at it in a new context where hostility cease and no more threats. It also gives Israel more strategic depth because any attack on Jordan will be an attack on Israel.

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Perhaps also a Formula can be developed for an International Component to Jerusalem, to solve competing diplomatic disputes on its Sovereignty. We need creative ideas and creative solutions to make a New Middle East Peace Accord work . There will have to be painful concessions on both Jewish and Arab sides to make this Formula work.

The ugly alternative is another existential War somewhere down the line, that must not be allowed to happen by the Grace of G_d.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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