Hezbollah’s Mexican Presence Threatens USA

Hezbollah and Muslim missionaries are making in-roads in Mexico. They’ve teamed up with the drug cartels and arms traffickers based in Chiapas, becoming very real threat to US security. YNet writes:

These cartel contacts smuggle illegal immigrants – including individuals affiliated with Iran, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups – into Mexico, placing them a virtual stone’s-throw away from the United States.

Mexico's Chiapas state
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Mexico’s Chiapas state

Western intelligence agencies have been able to gather ample evidence suggesting that the drug cartels in Mexico – which are the de facto rulers of the northern districts bordering the US – are in cahoots with Islamic terror organizations . . .

Furthermore, US intelligence concluded that Hezbollah has established sleeper cells, intelligence infrastructure and training bases in Mexico and other South American countries. The Shiite group is also helping the drug lords build smuggling tunnels under the US-Mexico border and satellite images show that they are nearly identical to the maze of tunnels running under the Gaza-Egypt border.

Source material can be found at this site.

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