‘Inspiring’ Hitler Apps Featured on Android Google Play

Google’s app store for Android cell phone products is offering at least half a dozen free and paid apps featuring information for those who seek the “inspiration” of former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt
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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt

One app at the Google Play Store, “Adolf Hitler” by N-Frames Tech, tells readers, “All about Adolf Hitler. Get everything in one place – Bio, Pictures, Videos and Quotes. Not only can you get them in one place, you can share all your favorites with your friends in a click.”

Rated for “medium maturity” the app garnered 76 Google+1s and an average 4.1 star rating with 58 reviews.?

“I loved reading his quotes they were quite intriguing!” wrote one reviewer. “If we in the west had leaders with 1% of his guts we would not have filth, mud people plotting to kill us in our countries, their actions prove it,” wrote another.

At least one of the free apps, “Infamous Adolf Hitler Quotes,” has attracted 10,000 to 50,000 downloads in the past 30 days, according to the Internet search engine giant’s app? store.

One user commented in a review, “Wow, I love most of these words awesome apps and it really shows the real Hitler.”?

Last week the New York-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) responded with fiery criticism on its blog to the store’s Arabic-language app, “Hitler’s Sayings.” According to the blog, among the quotes are offerings such as “Jews are like the mosquitoes that suck our blood,” and “I could have killed all the Jews in the world, but I spared some of them so you know why I killed the rest.”

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The app enables users to read and share the so-called “beautiful sayings that we could benefit from in our lives,” the ADL warned.

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