The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism

The Netherlands , where six per cent of the population is now Muslim, is scrapping multiculturalism:geert

The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants create a parallel society within the Netherlands ..

A new integration bill, which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads:

“The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people.

In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role.”

With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.

The letter continues: “A more obligatory integration is justified because the government also demands that from its own citizens.

It is necessary because otherwise the society gradually grows apart and eventually no one feels at home anymore in the Netherlands ..
The new integration policy will place more demands onimmigrants.

For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants who ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law.”

The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because, according to Donner;
“It is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.” (How bloody true).

The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress.
More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering, Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013.

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Holland has done that whole liberal thing, and realized – maybe too late – that creating a nation of tribes will kill the nation itself.

The future of Australia , the United States , UK and Canada may well be read here.

NOTE: Muslim immigrants leave their countries of birth because of civil and political unrest “CREATED BY THE VERY NATURE OF THEIR CULTURE.”

Countries such as Holland , Canada , the UK and Australia have an established way of life that actually works, so why embrace the unworkable?

If Muslims do not wish to accept another culture, the answer is simple; “STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!” “Or go back to where you were!”

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  1. Well. Another country waking up to the need of recovering its identity. This, mainly because of the truth of the immigrants not INTEGRATING and fighting against the hosts traditions, religions and laws. As regards this same reality, FoxNews today published a disconcerting article, whose excerpt is reproduced, as follows: “The United States will provide additional support to the French military in its war against Al Qaeda-linked militants in Mali by conducting aerial refueling missions, the Pentagon announced Saturday.”
    Disconcerting, at the least, because of the US´s support of AlQuaeda and Islamist Brotherhood militias being trained and armed in Turkey and then sent to fight against the legitimate Syrian government. Same applies to Libya, where the US/UN/NATO backed AlQuada led government, recently murdered the US Ambassador and severa<l US citizen, without any protest nor response of the US Illegitimate WH leadership.

    Read more:

      • I actually started crying tears of happiness and relief after reading this headline! I have hope for the survival of Europe now, although I am doubtful about America. Liberalism creates false governments that put foreign interests above that of it’s own people and culture! Kudos to you Netherlands!

  2. In america we recognize that our culture our laws and our values come from judeo- christian biblical principles. As is true in most or all western nations.
    “Separation of church and state has become a
    battle cry for enabling sin. That was never the
    intention of the forefathers, but rather they intended
    to let each member of the new union serve God according
    to his or her conscience, not according to the
    dictates of an official state church.”
    “The fact that issues of doctrine and church
    governance are beyond the jurisdiction of civil government
    is not the equivalent of civil government
    abrogating its duty to protect the health, safety and
    welfare of the people by promulgating laws and
    policies consistent with the standards of God and the
    dictates of Holy Scripture.”
    (Margie Phelps”

    • “Separation of church and state has become a
      battle cry for enabling sin.” “Sin” is a religious word that is meaningless. Some “sins” are truly immoral and some are not immoral at all. You are quoting the wicked witch of the Westboro Baptist Church? That woman doesn’t have the least instinct for deciding what is righteous and good.

      • Yes, but don’t shoot the messenger. We shouldn’t like WBC, they’re a bunch of loonies, but the message is a good one. Our Founding Fathers never meant for religious MORALS to be abolished, as it takes a virtuous people to keep Liberty alive. Having said that, I have no interest as a Christian of forcing others to believe as I do. As regards multiculturalism, it works to allow foreign mores like polygamy, forced marriage, etc., to gain a foothold. These are things all Liberty minded people should be against.

        • Multiculturalism has resulted in the INVASION by, reportedly, between 12 and 16 million foreign, mostly Latino, citizen. It is not just a matter of sonme aliens illegally in the US. The millions of foreigners illegally in the US, which are not integrating with the Americans and creating new, Spanish speaking and observing traditions of their original countries, like in Florida, where, all over Miami, posters declare “ENGLISH SPOKEN”, showing the type of INVASION

        • Multiculturalism has resulted in the INVASION by, reportedly, between 12 and 16 million foreign, mostly Latino, citizen. It is not just a matter of sonme aliens illegally in the US. The millions of foreigners illegally in the US, which are not integrating with the Americans and have created entire geographical areas, where Spanish is the main languaqge and traditions of their original countries are observed; like in Florida, where, all over Miami, posters declare “ENGLISH SPOKEN”, showing the type of INVASION as having been completed, by even eliminating the local language. And the lefties, led by Obama (BARACK SOETORO HUSSEIN) have achieved the reality of foreigners (LIKE HIMSELF,) being issued false/official ID´s, such as drivers licenses, etc., and thus being enambled to vote. AMERICANS WAKE UP!! White Ameicans are being profiled!!

      • no it’s not, it’s a latin word that means “without”
        as in “aqua sin gas” i.e. “still” bottled water
        in a religious context it means to “miss the point”
        the point of life being, to worship the deity.

    • The Founding Fathers did not demand the Country be run by Religion, in fact that is what they didnt want !
      the church & State must have no connection !

      The USA has a problem that could not have been guarded against, And that Problem is Socialism, The Left in the US are the Enemy of the founding Fathers & the People of America.
      The President is not there because of his Politics, he is there because the uneducated percieve him to Be BLACK ! i will remind you that he is just as white as he is Black, he is technically a Hybrid Species ! but the Problem with Obama he was paid for By Islam !
      he is a murderer, he is culpable for Benghazi !
      he hates the Warriors, and makes it hard for Veterans, he was the Dummest man in the Building and the laziest, in the Detroit University where he was supposed to be doing constitutional Law, His Hydrid Group has an average IQ of 80, yet he is allowed to run the greatest Country on Earth because is is assumed Black !
      well expect the US to End up like SA ! another out of Control, low intelect , run country !
      He has doubled your debt, actually doubles all the previous presidents debt, by himself, the Meltdown was caused by Nancy polosi, Harry Reed & Barney Frank, stupid Democratic distribute the wealth Dopes, Obama is finishing the Job they started !

      • That. Was the dumbest thing I have ever read.
        This whole site seems to be a way for white christian supremacists to offload their prejudices and socialise with other members of an out-of-date belief system.

        On the topic of multiculturalism, does it work? No. Can it work? Of course it can, it just needs tweaking. Bring people in and educate them in areas that the nation lacks/doesn’t want to do. This will boost the economy in the long run and make many people happy in the short. If you setup housing sectors for immigrants then of course they’re going to setup their own communities! Hell, I wouldn’t want to be friends with people like you if I arrived in the country, not that you’d give anyone different a chance anyway!

        I am from a Western country, I am caucasian, raised with Christian ideals, and heterosexual. And boy oh boy do I wish I wasn’t lumped into the same category as you people.

        The 20th century didn’t work, so stop dragging the world back there and help with either building on current paradigms or creating alternatives.


        • Nice going stereotyping an entire website and its readers as a certain group of people based on one comment, your own opinion, and/or your prejudices. The various writers for this website come from a diverse set of backgrounds.

      • Please read my latest post on this subject.
        ALL Christians are commanded to pray for those in authority over us. WE are held accountable if we don’t obey this commandment from God.
        God holds those in authority accountable for their actions, or their lack of actions.
        If the church sees that the state is not following God’s laws, they have a responsibility to make the State aware of this and to PRAY HARDER FOR THIS TO BE CORRECTED.

    • It is true that the US constitution indicates a separation of church and state, but the reasons why it is included seems to allude many people.
      The reason is quite simple. It was to stop the “State” dictating to the religious groups at the time of the initial proclamation of the constitution.
      On the other hand the Bible is quite clear. It commands ALL Christians to pray for all those in authority over us.
      God holds those in responsible positions accountable for their actions, or lack of actions.
      WE, as Christians, are also held accountable before God, if we refuse top obey His commandments and pray for those in authority over us.
      So, if you don’t like what is going on in the Capital, then start praying. If you have been praying, THEN PRAY HARDER!!! so that God can honour prayers and pull down those who ignore HIs sovereignty over the nation.

  3. He i’m sorry BUT as a DUTCH men i havend heared or read about this subject JET. Mr. Donner isn’t a minister since the goverment fell early last year. We now have a new goverment with the INITIATORS of the MULTICULTI BULLSHIT in the seat of power, SO DON’T expect the Netherlands to drop the multiculti bullshit anywhere soon. Get your INFO straight !!!!!!!!!

    • It’s a nice thought though….Multiculturalism and Tolerance is a one way street and the only ones benefiting from it are the Muslims who try to take over every country they set foot in….Ban All Muslims everywhere except the Middle East….Screw all of these rejects from the 7th century.

    • I too read this and wondered if it had actually happened. I received the info and was asked to forward it but thought to question it first. Some of it sounds appealing, but thanks for the update.

  4. I applaud ANY country that realizes how destructive it is to allow people into their nation without expecting them to assimiate to their customs, laws and language!!! That is only common sense. That said, We, in America are a melting pot of all types of peoles that made us what we are and we are proud of what America accomplished with HARD work, much sacrifice and strength of our Founding Father’s having written documents that have stood the test of time when they are followed. That is WHY we became the greatest, free-est, nation in such a short time. Unless we get back to those founding principals of first; FAITH IN GOD, then honoring the Constitution and all our freedoms; we will become a terrible place for everyone….worse than anywhere, because we were what gave people hope to follow and become strong also against the world’s evil!!……Communism is a terrible thing! Totalitarian- ism of any kind is a terrible thing and is evil! NO nation should be under such a thumb of destruction! It is beyond intelligent understanding how any nation would willing let it’s self destruct in such a negative way without doing so on purpose. It is something that sound, healthy, intelligent people must….MUST stand against all over the world! Multiculturism is counter intuitive to all people’s because we are all different and have a right to be whom we are in our own right, while each then adding to the world as a whole, the unique offerings we each have. However, to push us all into accepting each cultrue, language and custom in one country is insanity today. Tne world as one people may have been the way that God intended all of us to be in the beginning, but man chose differently and we have fought each other ever since and now we must live with that doing the best we can to keep the world going in a good direction, while respecting each other’s differences!! We are all alike in that we want a way to live, prosper and grow in the cultures we are and contribute to the world as a whole…which is what each country ought to want to do. One day there will be an end to the earth anyway but we can choose to live in relative respect or we can fight each other to the deth….ther IS a choice!! We can do so in a healthy way or a very evil destructive way…unfortunately there are those that will not be satisfied with sharing and doing well separately yet together; they want total power over all and they are the ones…which ever countries they are, that will sustain the blows of the rest of the world that wish to survive in peace!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS MUSLIMS ARE NOT PEACEFUL BY THEIR VERY OWN WORDS IN THE KORAN/QURAN AND HIDE BEHIND LIES ALSO ADMITEDLY! THEY ARE A GROUP THAT NEEDS TO LIVE UNTO THEMSLEVES AND THAT NO SENSIBLE COUNTRY WOULD WANT AS PART OF THEIRS!!!!

    • Sorry to say Ruth but there is absolutly NO REASON why we should “HOORAY FOR HOLLAND” or haven’t you read my comment.
      Holland is only dropping ferther down the ladder into the MUSLIM hands, our light is going out step by step, second by second and the lefties still don’t want to see it…..

      • I’m so sorry to find this out but grateful that you were able to alert us. We cannot “get our stories straight” w/o the help of persons such as yourself. There is very little truth if any in our media outlets. Thank you for the heads up!

    • Ruth. Anyone who has visited Miami, must have observed the postings by most of the Miami businesses, reading “ENGLISH SPOKEN”. This conveys the idea that you are not in the US at all; and proves the fact that the Latinos are mostly not interested even in learning English. They crate whole Latino communities, where Spanish is the only language, and where the latino traditions are a must. No integrations, nor respect towards anything American. At voting times, they mostly integrate in blocs with the Black Community, both showing their extremely racial preferences. Both communities have show the highest criminal rates and massive dependance on governmental handouts, food stamps, etc. So what is their presence; both legal and illegal, benefit for the law abiding Amertican Americans?

      • U are racist and clearly also not an intellect or someone who was formally educated. The United States was built by BLACK slaves and other immigrants. Ur fore parents WERE IMMIGRANTS FROM EUROPE. So unless YOU ARE A NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN sir…In any event please off urself. Thanks

        A BLACK Jamaican Woman Who Has No Issues When She Visits Miami

        • Lola move to dearborn in the usa and get out your cross,and see what happens.these people hate the western world and the people in it.grow some eyes and ears.

        • Lola, Please go back to Jamaica..and while you are there mon don’t get upset if everyone speaks Pakistani.
          Would you like that???

        • God bless the Anglo-Saxon race who built the greatest nation in the world. Jamaica is a third world $h!t hole.

        • Lola, Blacks have made many contributions to America, yes. They are also AMERICANS-They speak English. Unfortunately, your view of history is wrong. NOT ALL BLACKS WERE SLAVES, Lola. Some blacks owned other blacks as did some Indian tribes.

        • Indian tribes from North America, Central America and South America have legends of white skinned or light skinned peoples living in the Americas in ancient times, and sometimes before the Indians themselves. For example, the Paiute of Nevada have a legend of “exterminating” a light skinned red haired tribe who spoke a different language than themselves. In this area, red haired, Caucasoid mummies have been found in caves. These remains have been determined Caucasoid by archaeologists and are over 9000 years old. The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl was considered to have a beard, light hair and white skin. Their legends stated that he came from across the oceans and taught the Aztecs how to farm and build. In South America, the white skinned tribe known as the Chachacoyas lived in Peru for thousands of years before being conquered and destroyed by the Inca in the late 1400’s, approximately 10 years before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. It should be noted that Red headed mummified remains exist in the Paracas region of Peru, and these remains have (HLA – Human Lymphocyte Antigens) markers commonly associated with Europeans.

        • Lola,
          Just read on Science Mag, they have now proven the American Indian was 1/3 European DNA when they first arrived to America. Which means, that those with Indian and/or European ancestry have equal rights to call America their indigenous homeland, without guilt.
          Check it out on ScienceMagdot org. This new discovery doesn’t make headlines, because it won’t continue to push the liberal agenda of white hate in America and Europe! A disgustingly sick agenda!

        • Lola
          why is it the the low intellect species has no humility while the chinese, & intelligent Caucasions do ?
          Well the difference is avge Chinese IQ is basically similar to Caucasions
          People who do not think themselves intellectuals, because they are smart enough to realise, what they DO NOT know !
          Blacks like you do not know the Best of the Best in African Universities have a top IQ of 115 ! your racist crap, used only for defending the undefendable. according to Prof. Huxley not only do you have a different skull & foremen Magnum, you have a different frontal lobe. but people of intelligence know that, from history of black Society. Blacks built America WTF
          Europeans Built america and used blacks to do the hard labour !picking cotton didn’t build America, u FW, people like my distant relation, Henry FORD built America, innovaters & brilliant men, built America, & Blacks and Black Indians, NOT American Indians ,came to the honey Pot !Last time I looked with less than 30% passing high school & even allowing the cheating for them by the TEACHERS they are no where near the white & Chinese kids !
          Blacks are full of themselves ! the lowest passes in Lawschool cover all Blacks ! it is a physical & mental impossibility for a Black to have an IQ over 120 !
          But keep on with your Socialist crap and we will see the End of the USA by Socialist Stupidity.Admit why ! and then fix it.Impeach that Idiot Obama !

  5. In the US, it is already too late. This, since both the GOP and the DEMS have initiated a plan in order to LEGALIZE the, reportedly up to 16 MILLION foreign citizen illegaly in the US.
    The clear consequence of this decision is the fact that, in any future election there will not exist any possibility of American Americans winning against the Black and Latin Communities deciding, since both vote IN BLOC, as it happened in the Obama reelections. Most of all, these blocs and the Kenyan´s illegal standings are being backed in bloc BY ALL OF THE US COURTS OF LAW. No? So how come the FORT HOOD shooting of around 50 American Soldiers, MORE THAN THREE YEARS AGO, was defined as a “Working Place Accident” by the Kenyan occupier of the WH, in order to avoid his Brother in Islam, who shouted “Allahu Akbar” while shooting his un armed buddies, from being judged as the Terrorist that he obviously is? The murderer is, reportedly, walking free, due to some Political Correctness issue. What about JUSTICE for the victims and their families?

  6. Yes! Absolutely true!
    However, it is too late!
    The Trojan Horse is already inside of Europe walls.
    The Europe’s cultural values and principles are at risk.
    Only the Tradition’s (as a political system and as a doctrine)values and rules will be the correct and the reasonable answer to the current problems and difficulties.
    The Traditionallists will respect others religions and way of life but will not accept that own political, religious and standards of life be adulterated by the guests. They will respect hopping to be respected….if not, the right and correct methods will be applied to the contravenors. The individual freedom ends where the others freedom starts.

  7. The US should follow in the footsteps of the Dutch! I speak German… it’s close enough, maybe I could move to the Netherlands, now! I’d embrace their laws to escape the garbage the muslims are bringing here.

    • Geeee Jeremy you want to move to Holland cause you think it is better here then where ever youare ….WAKE UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES, if you come here your problems with MUSLIMS only get worse. Holland is FULL of MUSLIM lovers who still beleave that there are moderate MUSLIMS and they still don’t know that there being LYED to the MUSLIMS.


      • I wasn’t really serious about moving to Holland. It’s a good thing that they are doing what they are doing (as stated in the article), but I’m not THAT naive to think that much will get better. It was more of excitement that at least SOMETHING will be done, if not much at all. My comment was more so an exclamation of disgust that this world has to deal with muslims.

  8. Even if the non-Whites “integrated” – is that still a GOOD thing? We are still sharing our ancestral homelands with people who are NOT “our people”.

    It isn’t “racist” for pointing this out and it isn’t about hating them for their “skin color”! (Hating someone based on their hair color or eye color would be just as moronic!)

    “They” are not “us”, and they never will be. Sure, they may appear meek and smiling when they enter our homelands but once they get what they really want (housing, food, medical, etc) and achieve a certain degree of numbers, they ALWAYS view themselves racially and disparage/assault the native born Whites. In EVERY SINGLE CASE!

    So the tone of the conversation needs to move from “getting them to assimilate” to “stopping and repatriation of immigrants”.

    • Alex. The reality is worse. This, only because the mostly (suicidal) Jew owned “Mainstream Media”, does not report to the most ignorant and gullible American Americans, about a series of realities that has deprived those Americans of a necessary knowledge, which is: The truth about Islam and the Quran, that describes all of the non Mmslim, as animals, that should be treated like such and, eventually, eliminated if not converted.
      The Muslim, Kenyan citizen, illegally occupying the WH, has been helping his AlQuaeda and Islamist Brotherhood brethren in faith, to access the Governments of Libya, Egypt, etc., and is pouring US taxpayers´dollars into the Syrian aggression, by financing the CIA training of Islamist Terrorists in Turkey, which are then armed and sent into Syria to create havoc against the Christian, Jewish and Syrian populations. If it weren´t for China and Russia, Obama´s and the UN´s Humanitarian War would have already destroyed Syria and another Terrorist led government forced on the defenseless population, like in Libya. Any comments by the Dems and Islamists?

  9. If the Netherlands is anything like the UK, I bet they never had multiculturalism in the first place; rather they laboured under Islamic monoculturalism disguised as warm fuzzy “inclusiveness”.

  10. A lot of countries including mine “Australia” needs to wake up, they the Muslims not all but most do not want to mix with others. They seem to think they are superior to any other race or religion but continue to come to these countries and cause upset.

  11. “Multiculturism” is another term coined by the extreme left, which in the US has ended up with, reportedly, some 15 MILLION foreign citizen of mostly Latino origins, having invaded the Country. Tos this, they also added the so called “African Americans” that mostly have been born in America, but are educated duing their whole existence to hate the Whities or Honkys. BECAUSE THEY ENSLAVED THEIR AFRICAN FOREFATHER. Great; because the extreme left has based the above characteristicin order to channel v oth the Latino and Black communities´ votes RACIALLY, to vote in BLOC for anyone identified with both communities. Is this fair? Is this American? The Dems and the GOP have also shown in the course of the Kenyan´s reelection that they have accepted the Blocs´ policy… No political future for the American Americans there.

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    How is this not genocide:
    White countries are being flooded by non-whites. Whites are told to be TOLERANT. Whites are forced to integrate.
    With assimilation we see the extinction of one race only, the White race. Its not funny, not comedy, its white genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Shut the **** up am from holland borned and raised there and if u must know muslims do have a religion everyone has a rule in there religion to bad the christians aint following them and changing there bible every ******* year were not the same peope and in africa there are many white people same in china india u lot go there to use our **** because without asians and africants the dutch american wouldnt be anything u need our stuuf to live just to let ur raccisst mouth shuttt ******* idiot

      • He domme MOSLIM taart, ISLAM is een CULT en geen RAS dus rassisme komt hier niet in aanmerking en je taal gebruik lijkt al helemaal nergens op, lekkere opleiding heb jij gehad.
        So that was Dutch to the ****** MUSLIM tart…
        He dummy MUSLIM tart, ISLAM is a CULT and NOT a race so rassisme doesn’t count here and your way of speaking and writing doesn’t show that you learned a lot in Holland, probably the reason why you left (jippy). And what stuff from MUSLIM countries we need except Oil ??? witch we can do without if really nessesary. Precizly NOTHING and don’t start with what we need, IT is what YOU MUSLIM Countries NEED from US. Cars, phone’s , Computers, food, water HELL is there anything the dumass MUSLIM produces themselfs ?????

        • Before you try to post on an English-speaking forum, it would be helpful if you learned the language. Your post is almost incomprehensible.

      • Soffiya nig. <<<So it seems as perfectly allright for the Quran and all Muslims to define al non Islamists as swine, monkeyes, etc., and to be ELIMINATED if they don´t convert to Islam. Whazt about the guys immigrating into Christian countries and attacking the Christians, Jews, Mormons…etc.?

      • SOFIYA
        You must be Black, your rant is pure dioreah ! you are a Moron (70IQ)
        And by the way your Black Indians aren’t below the Caste system for NO reason ! Blacks have the distinction of being one of the only groupes/ species of human that never had a written language & with an IQ of average 67 how do you figure we took anything from your species !
        Asians are Chinese/ Mongel
        Not Black Indians ! but you can claim the Australian Aboriginies, they have an avge IQ of 64 yes actually dumber than Negroids.Whites & chinese are the only 2 species that ever designed and built anything of worth ! but I would presume you count mud huts ! to a much lesser degree,Caucasions built everything we use today ! only an idiot/ black would suggest any different !

  14. Multiculturalism belongs to the waste bin of history. It never began out of a genuine interest in other cultures, but on disinformation and specific political agendas

    • Right you are Xavier-Romero! Proof of what you comment was shown in both Obamian elections; where the racial bias worked for the Kenyan, Barack Hussein O, the Islamist US President. Up to 96& voting in Republican states, are a mathematical impossibility…
      But then, a guy with a computer generated, false Birth Certificat, Social Security Number; hidden education background, criminal activities, lawsuits thrown out of the courts…. Impeachments disregarded… 6TRILLION ADDED TO THE NATIONAL 10TRILLION DEBT ACCRUED BY ALL OF THE PRECEDING PRESIDENTS… How can this situation be explained? Think guys and start yelling and acting!!

      • “false Birth Certificate, Social Security Number; hidden education background, criminal activities, lawsuits thrown out of the courts…. Impeachments disregarded”

        I suggest Hussain Obanana is not smart enough to do this by himself, it was done for him.

  15. At last a politician making sense, and one who knows the reality of a situation. He is not a racist as the leftist backed media will scream, he is being realistic and truthful. Multiculturalism does not work and this is what he has proved.

  16. As I free human I regret to say that due to muslims the very noble concept of multicultarism is nutralilzed. other asians are suffereing because they look same in color.

    But then I understand, Netherlands or other countries in Europe has not left with any option. They deserve their rights to maintain the integrity and identity of their socieyt which they have built over centuries. If muslims have left with any shame, they must leave Non mulsims places. They should now understand that no matter what, they can not co-exists with non muslims…

  17. America suffers greatly from multiculturalism. Immigrants used to come to U.S. to become Americans. Now, they come to be Latinos, Asians, Russians, Filipinos, etc. I Just received a notice from a local utility that was translated into 14 languages other than English. A United country has become a country of many cultures, many different values. We no longer can even pretend to understand our neighbors.

    I lived overseas for many years, including a few in the Netherlands. I returned to a very different America. Perhaps, we need to follow the lead of the Dutch.

  18. The virus takes over the host… Sharia law will be demanded as the next step. Do as the Dutch do or leave should be the best policy.

    • The Dutch way is DOOMED to fail, here the MUSLIMS are working the same way is everywhere else. Silent Jihad is going on, make babies so that in 20 years there are enough MUSLIMS in the Netherlands to really DEMAND there issius and if not given to the they will take it.
      WHY should we DUTCH leave when we are inc=vaded by the MUSLIM enemies ??? The trojan horse is already within the walls, now we can still burn it but the longer we wait the harder that gets.
      No the ONLY way to get rid of this groing danger is to get them out of the country with ALL means…..yes that will be a BIG mess…..

  19. We must also not forget to embrace as much of the good aspects of each immigrant culture. Their foods and their music is why I really enjoy meeting new cultures. This does not force us to have to accept illegal acts.

  20. Got to shake hands with ‘The Transporter,’ Jason Statham, the other day while working as a background-extra on a film here in New Orleans, but my European hero is Geert! God bless the Netherlands! Geert for president! (or whatever they have over there…, prime minister? Don’t tell me that they still have a king. Oh, what the heck…, Geert for king! 🙂

    • Well we still have our Queen but only for a few days left and then we get a King…..Yes he would be prime minister but he has to get at least 75 seats by elections other wise it won’t work cause the oposition will block ALL proposals. No it is not easy to get Geert as a PM…..

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  24. I only hope that other non Muslims are not made a scapegoat due these moroons. I was apprehensive ever since the Islamists took Geert Wilders to Court of Law. Shame as well as sad. This is what this English maxim explains: One fish can spoil the whole pond. Unfortunate…

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  26. After Nazi occupation EUROPE should recognize an oppressive invader and threat to their lives much sooner. Obama is NOT an USA president but a dictator who lied and cheated to take the seat. He supports the muslims. BEWARE.

    • Not just Obama, all are same. Read Europeans plundering the entire world, including the Dutch AfriKaanas of South Africa. Stop hate of all kinds to bring peace on this planet. In this respect both Muslim fanatics as well as Dutch radicalisation have to be considered at equal footings. Eliminate hate to bring love, which will automatically come like bring light to eliminate dark. In this vein, eliminate another cause for hate, i.e. predatory proselytisation.

    • worse Obama was educated in Indonesia AS A Muslim
      his education at Harvard law, was paid for By Islam !
      and he wrote in The Audacity of Hope page 165
      “I will stand with the muslims ”

      This man is a lier, a Traitor & a Muslim, his wife is on record , saying , she hates America !
      He must be impeached, before he finishes the job of destroying the USA within !

  27. Hmmmmm I am an American who now resides in Bali Indonesia. I can see that I am trying to assimilate into a new culture. I am an atheist at best… Here although there are Hindus Muslims Christians and dare I say Buddhist as well as atheists, that the place runs pretty well. The local people tolerate the influx of tourists and their money, but no one has ever harassed me for my non believing in anything other than the great Cosmic Muffin… I agree that if you are not happy where you are from, don’t take it with you….

    • Bali is unlike the rest of Indonesia. The Hindu culture, in Bali, is vastly different from the culture in Java.

      • Bali, Java, Sumatra were all inhabited by Hindu culture and later rest others were added. Since Hindus never resist anybody, instead treat all imigrants as guests and help. This is the reason that nobody feels any discomfort. Hindus do not have any agendas for conversion unlike others, hence they never bother. Hindu consider everybodyelse as God and thus treat them as such.

      • Yes, I am very aware of the Bali Bombing. It was Muslim terrorists that were involved with that, not the Balinese. Muslims from Java have invaded Bali. They do represent the culture and spirit of Bali.

  28. If you come into my country respect our way of life and our principals, Our country is english speaking, if you come here learn to speak ENGLISH. I was trying to get to LAX and needed direction, everyone I asked could not speak english!!! Obama is a lazy liberal softy pandering to all the bleeding bloody hearts. Wish Geert was an American.

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  30. In Canada we bend over backwards for immigrants much more so than for our own people. It’s time everyone started to take responsibility for their decisions and the consequences of them.

    The threat of violent Islam attacks is real, we can see it all around us. I hope and pray there is a national response

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  33. It’s funny, he has hit the point on the head. A politician who has figured out, what I have been preaching since the 70’s. My children remember me telling foreigners at Disney World to talk English, it’s our national language. I know there have have been bills proposed to make the national language of the US English because, it’s not the language that legal immigrants or with all the illegal immigrants that are in this country speak. This politician to me is has figured out what the problem is in his country. May God Bless him in his endeavor.

    • I have travelled thru many foreign countries. Before entering, I have always learned a few basics in the language of that country. By exhibiting an effort to speak their language, they see my respect for them and will try to help me. Many times they will speak my language (English).

      If I were to move to a new country, I would expect nothing less of myself, than becoming proficient in that language.

      I worked in Australia for three years. G’day was expected. While I enjoyed the salutation, I learned it was very much expected. When in Rome…….

  34. The concept of a multicultural society was in the Netherlands already left behind in 1995.
    The party of Geert Wilders started in 2005 and took first part in government in 2006.
    The integration bill minister Piet Hein Donner presented in 2011 contained nothing new.

    In history the Netherlands have always been open to all kinds of immigrants and this new dutch protectionism is exceptional.

    The problem in dutch society is not the presence of foreign people, but the lack of integration.
    One of the reasons has been that immigrants did not know dutch language and dutch law.

    Donner was wrong to think that it is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.
    If the government allows immigrants, it has also a responsability to make a proper integration possible by educating them. This has changed for the better.

    At the moment there is a political discussion if an immigrant who is illegal staying in Holland, must be labelled as a ‘criminal’.
    Right-wing parties as the VVD and PVV (Geert Wilders) are promoting this criminal idea.
    They show that they have learned nothing from history (1940-1945): remember, also the Jews in Holland were immigrants once. They were discriminated too. They were surely not the problem, but the people who hated them were!

    If our immigrants are labelled as ‘criminals’, only because they are staying here (is this a crime?), the next step can be to legislate the overt persecution of them.

    In the mena time, the real problem in Holland is not about the immigrants at all, but about the dutch who hate them. The immigrants and their children will learn to integrate in time, but people who hate others just because they are different, are not able to learn at all. They never solved only a single problem and they are only spreading fear, conflict, violence and suffering. Maybe there is fascist country who is willing to take them from us? If possible as illegal immigrants.

    • wOW what a load
      Immigrants in Holland who comitt murder Rape and FGM etc etc Islam cannot & never has intergrated, it is a Monothiest Fascist Society, since 610 AD
      Islam demands domination, Not intergration, And it will kill you to get to its goal, of the Only Religion on Earth !As required by the Qur’an.
      Yes the Poor Muslims ! I suppose they are not responsible for makeing Sweden The Rape Capital of the World !Nachbi
      what sort of Dutch name is that ! you idiot , try looking at the stats before opening you mouth & putting your foot in it !

  35. People are applauding the Netherlands for ‘recovering their identity.’ Their identity? What exactly IS the Netherlands’ identity at this stage of game? Suicide and euthanasia for the old, the infirm, the mentally ill, and just about anybody else who is inconvenient. Legalization, toleration and even promotion of every kind of deviant lifestyle ‘choice.’ These are the ‘values of the Dutch people.’ Holland is finished as a culture. IT has none other than the culture of death. Maybe beating up on a few Muslims will make you feel more robust. Pathetic.

    • Always surprised when someone with a German surname takes such a firm stand about the practice of euthanasia in a neighbouring country. For the kind of ‘euthanasia’ you point to, seems to have been a German invention (Action T-4, 1939).

      • I’m an American, a country with far more immigrants than any country in Europe and far less problems. I have a German surname because my Jewish great-granparents emigrated from Germany. You should be more surprised that a country that felt the brunt of German occupation should end up doing to its own people what it resisted when the Germans tried to do itto them.

    • Walter. (Lippmann) Fortunately /naybe), for the Netherlands, the Muslim problem is injecting life into this country that had all but solved the existential challenges… without which humanity has proved to be unable to cope with… just existence.

    • WARNING FLAG!! – Walter Lippmann is a progressive liberal. The culture destructive plague the western world is battling globally. Next he will tell us there is no such thing as race, and that we all come from Africa, even though that has been scientifically debunked by scientist all over the world, yet receives no mass media attention. It doesn’t fit into the hate white anything agenda they push. Go away Walter, or go live in Africa. You will be happy immersed in that culture, since you can’t seem to identify white cultures around the world.

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  37. Piet Hein Donner (“Donderse Donnert”) is the Vice President of the Council of State since February 1, 2012. AKA the underking of the Netherlands 😉
    He cannot be behind this as he cannot present anything to the parliament. We are actually glad to be rid of him as the ‘secretary’ to the Queen, soon the King and he may carry the Kings briefcase.

    Actually he once said that he could envision the sharia as the law in The Netherlands some time in the future ! The idiot !

    Nasty thing is that he is the 3rd generation Donner as minister of justice & top-judge after his father and grandfather already fucked up this country 🙁

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  44. Multiculturism in the US? Reportedly, there exist around 12 to 16 million “illegal immigrants”, which really means that America has been invaded by millions of Foregners, mostly LATINOS without any kind of permission to do so, which makes it a CRIME, even if the guy illegally holds the post of PRESIDENT. Consequently; how can the representatives of LAW protect the US territorry from such a permanent invasion, WHICH CURRENTLY REPRESENT the worst possible problem to American Taxpayers, which is the projected cost of 6,4 TRILLION DOLLARS, that would be required to solve the ILLEGALS PROBLEM, as calculated by the Heritage Org. If they should not be allowed to search among suspicious Latinos; based on what other characteristics could the act?. Definitely, Sheriff Arpaio is being falsely accused of “profiling”. Recently, FoxNews published an extensive article on the attack that the US Government has been realizing on his veritable and heroic effort to COMPLY WITH THE LAW THAT HE MUST COMPLY WITH IN THE DEFENSE OF AMERICAN TERRITORY, as he mentioned in the Fox Report on the issue: “Ours is an operation, whether it’s the state law or the federal, to go after illegals, not the crime first, that they happen to be illegals,” the ruling quoted Arpaio as saying. “My program, my philosophy is a pure program. You go after illegals. I’m not afraid to say that. And you go after them and you lock them up.”
    Some immigrant traffic stops were made “purely on the observation of the undercover officers that the vehicles had picked up Hispanic day laborers from sites where Latino day laborers were known to gather,” the ruling said.

    Nobody is profiling any other nationals, just because, practically, they do not exist. Only millions of Latino invaders; all of them incapable of finding jobs in their own countries.

    Read more:

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