Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Make Child Behead Prisoner

More evidence that the Obama administration is backing jihadists the worst of the worst to overthrow Syria and bring the uprising of fundamentalist Islamist.

A disturbing YouTube video shows Syrian rebels making a child behead an unarmed prisoner, just another shocking example of how many of the militants the Obama administration is backing in Syria are Islamic extremists and terrorists.

The clip below shows a child hacking away at the head of a bound prisoner with a machete. The video then cuts to militants displaying the man’s severed head while chanting “Allahu Akbar”. Other beheaded prisoners can also be seen in the footage.

The video once again illustrates how the “Syrian rebels” who have been backed by the Obama administration to the tune of over $200 million dollars are committing atrocities on a routine basis on a par with anything the Assad regime has been accused of, and again emphasizes that they are not democratic freedom fighters but jihadist Muslim extremists who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even to the point of making children do their dirty work for them.

After first denying the presence of Al-Qaeda militants in Syria, the mainstream media now admits that they are the

primary front line fighters in all the major battles. In a report yesterday, the New York Times concedes that the Nusra Front, “a direct offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq,” “has become one of the uprising’s most effective fighting forces” and whose ally, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, has “killed numerous American troops in Iraq.”

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A recent Lebanon Daily Star report also highlighted the fact that “Many of the fighters are non-Syrian,” and that the FSA rebels are not even being allowed to take part in some battles by the Al-Qaeda commanders.

Western-backed rebels in Syria have openly espoused their plan to impose draconian Sharia law across the region and have gone about the task by ransacking Christian churches while slaughtering prisoners in cold blood.

They have also made brazen threats to carry out ethnic cleansing against other Syrians who refuse to accept their rule by means of chemical weapons.

Videos have also emerged of opposition rebels burning U.S. flags while chanting anti-American slogans.


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