Why Palestinian Arabs Hate Jews

Nazi and Muslims
It was reported last May that nearly 70% of Arabs living in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are in favor of suicide attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Yes, seven in ten of the so-called ‘Palestinians’ are willing to send their own children to their deaths in the name of Jihad. Why? Why are these people willing to sacrifice the lives of their own kin? The MSM (main stream media) often poses this question, and asserts that because of they are “suffering” in Israel under so-called “occupation,” it is clear that these people are willing to die as ‘martyrs’ out of desperation.

But the 9/11 attacks on America serve as the greatest proof that Israel’s policies or America’s policies in relation to Israel or the Middle East don’t breed terror. When educated middle class Muslims, mostly from Saudi Arabia perpetrate the biggest terror attack in history, it is crystal clear that this isn’t a battle over territory, but a clash of civilizations – a battle between Western democracies and oppressive Jihadist cult members obsessed with death as the ultimate weapon.

So again, why does this martyrdom-obsessed lifestyle flourish?

There are three primary reasons for this phenomenon – ignorance, propaganda, and downright Anti-Semitism, or a combination of the above.

There are Arabs and Muslims in the world who till this day have never had any contact with a Jew –have never seen or met a real life Jew, all they know, is what their leaders tell them via State controlled media, and they aren’t able or willing to truly explore the matter.

Regarding propaganda, both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are experts in demonizing the State of Israel and the Jewish People. Official television, radio, newspapers, along with their educational systems, summer camps, and mosque sermons spew hateful rhetoric on a daily basis – so much for fulfilling their responsibilities under Oslo to cease the incitement.

Then there is downright Anti-Semitism.  This in itself is most likely a result of the other two phenomena.  Usually we are just talking about the hatred of the Jew but in this case its hatred of Jews disguised as hatred of Israel. Some claim that one can disagree with the policies of the State of Israel but still be a friend of the Jews. But it is these same people that hold Israel to a different, higher standard than any other country in the world when it comes to self-defense, human rights, etc. Holding Israel to a different standard is nothing short of Anti-Semitism, but those that do so in striving to feel better about themselves claim to only be ‘anti-Israel’. Nevertheless their blatant hatred of the Jews is transparent. Now if only more people would stop and pay attention.

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  1. At least I do not agree with your analysis. Your research is restricted to Jews and Palestinians only and here desperation could be the main cause behind such activities. However why Muslim in general resort to terrorism has other reason. It pertains to the wrong interpretation of Koranic teachings by stupid Islamic Scholars who for their self motivated designs are involved in it . Islam, being a living religion, has potential to motivate its followers to offer any sacrifice for a good cause. Muslim religious scholars know this potential. Now to achieve self vested interests such selfish Muslim scholars interpret certain verses of Koran leading to fulfill their own interests. Innocent Muslims not aware of the bad intentions of these Mullahs follow them blindly considering the offered interpretation as the correct and real one. These innocent followers get motivated and at times totally brainwashed in favour of the interpretation of these stupid Mullahs and become fuel to the furnace of Islamic terrorism. Contrary to these selfish Mullahs there are few who interpret the teachings of Koran logically and correctly. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is living example. During the last 123 years of its existence, in spite having ten of millions followers, never ever any member of the community either has been blamed or involved in any act of terrorism. Love for all and hatred for none is its motto. In spite facing atrocities it preaches peace and love for man kind. Even in Israel this community is peacefully existing in the valley of Haifa and never ever created any problem for Jews or Israel. So solution to Islamic terrorism lies in the correct interpretation and follow of Koranic Teachings. No other way will ever facilitate peace amongst Muslims living on this planet.

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  2. And it is not only Palestinians who are corrupted by this propaganda.

    Here in Britain and across Europe “liberal” broadcasters like the BBC are even more dangerous than radical imams as they are trusted.

    There’s a great take on the dumbness (or evil) of the smart people in: “Don’t Push It!” at


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  4. Muslims as described here today are unfortunate blind followers of leaders who use them to their(the leaders) own ends.
    The lives of Muslim followers must count for at least as much as those of the Mullahs who motivate them to murder or to be martyrs. I think the observations submitted here, today, come from individuals living in the UK, a nation which offers far more freedom for the individual than Islamic governments do.

    However, what are these “trusted” Mullahs creating? Rather than hold worshipers captive, why not encourage them to move forward in the society, be a people whose self-esteem needs not involvement with hate…because “hate” is what it is when one’s religion other than Islam becomes the object of hate and if not hate itself, then scorn.

    None of this leads to peaceful relations in a multi-religious population. It is possible if people learn to make their own decisions, rather than to have any decision implanted in their minds which can lead only to chaos.

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