Hungarian Anti-Semite Wins Journalism Award

March 19, 2013 18:56

Israel slammed Hungary for giving a journalism award to TV news presenter Ferenc Szaniszlo. In 2011, Szaniszlo was fined for making disparaging comments about Jews and Roma. Haaretz writes:

In a clip of one of his programs from 2010, posted on YouTube, Szaniszlo said Israel had been created by the West as a bastion against Arab-Muslim countries, but that it would lose its importance as such once the region’s oil and gas run out.

The western world needs to reckon with … emptying Israel,” Szaniszlo said in the video. “… It can be expected that the Jewish population from Israel … will need to be gradually relocated to Europe and the United States.”

AP quoted another skeleton from Szaniszlo’s closet:

In comments made on his show on Echo TV in 2011, Szaniszlo said Gypsies – or Roma – are monkeys and implied that Jews and Roma have carried out anti-Hungarian activities.

Source material can be found at this site.

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