Hezbollah Ethnic Cleansing Syrian Sunnis

Amir Taheri (NY Post) accuses Hezbollah of ethnic cleansing in areas of Syria vital for an Alawite mini-state:

Since September, Assad’s forces have been trying to expel those Sunnis, replacing them with Nusairiyah and Lebanese Shiite settlers. Hezbollah is giving a helping hand to that sinister scheme and paying the price.

Once the Sunni Muslim villages have been ethnically cleansed, Hezbollah would next have to move on villages such as Marmarita, Zeydal and Firuzah that are populated by Christians, as well as ethnic Turcoman villages opposed to Assad, notably Al-Samalil, Aqrab and Talaf.

Assad has embarked on a massive crime against humanity, with Hezbollah as his accomplice.

Syria's Alawite area
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(Syria map via Wikimedia Commons) 

Source material can be found at this site.

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