Susan Sarandon: ‘I Would Like to See Everybody Be Able to Smoke Pot’

Susan Sarandon
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Actress Susan Sarandon (AP Photo)

( – Actress Susan Sarandon on Wednesday advocated for the legalization of marijuana, saying she would “like to see everybody be able to smoke pot,” and “it would completely save our ass if we legalize just marijuana.”

“I believe in individual rights. I mean I would like to see everybody be able to smoke pot. That’s a waste of our money to incarcerate all those people, so I’m totally a libertarian in that sense,” she said in an interview with Huffington Post Live.

When asked whether she believed heroin addicts should be able to get methadone from clinics, Sarandon said it’s already happening.

“Where does that end in terms of your theories on drug policy? Would you have a sort of decriminalization of all drugs and treat it as a health condition? Should heroin addicts be able to get methadone from clinics?” the host asked.

Marijuana plant
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Marijuana plant

“Well they can now. They can get methadone from clinics. I think we should decriminalize marijuana. … There’s people that have methadone clinics. They have outpatients now,” Sarandon replied.

Sarandon theorized that legalizing marijuana would also mean more income for the government if drug sales were taxed.

“You’re allowing drug cartels to make money, and if you taxed it, we’ll see what happens in these states that have passed it. You would have a lot of income. I mean Colorado has done studies. It could completely save our ass if we legalize just marijuana,” she added.

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Colorado and Washington state have legalized marijuana through voter referendum.

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