Does the Government Want to Ban Cars?

By Jake Lambert

The Left has been nonstop in its call to disarm America. This is absolutely the wrong call.

We all know that guns carry with them a huge responsibility and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. There is something else that carries with it great responsibility and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. That object is an automobile. Yes, a car.

In the wrong hands, cars can and do kill. The similarities between cars and guns is striking.

Children handling a gun can kill others and themselves. Likewise, children behind the wheel of a car can kill others and themselves.

Adults lock up and secure their guns to keep guns away from a child. Likewise, an adults will lock up the car to keep it out of the control of a child.

We all know that guns should be handled and operated with care and we know the same of cars.

A gun should not be operated while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. By the same token, a car should not be operated while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The rules and restrictions for handling and operating guns and cars are similar since each one can be dangerous if misused.

Gun Control
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Gun Control

So, given the same rules for operation, then why do we have different rules for their misuse.

If someone uses a gun in a menacing fashion and violates the law, that person goes to jail. In addition, the government decides to outlaw guns and high-capacity ammunition magazines in order to limit their use and availability.

If a person drives a car while drunk or drives in a menacing fashion, that person goes to jail. That’s where the similarity ends. The government does not intervene and state that all cars need to be banned or limit the amount of fuel one can place in their car’s fuel tank.

For the same reasons outlawing cars would be irrational, outlawing guns would be as well. Both bring a lot of good to our society. Yes, making sure that people are punished for violating the law should occur. Making sure that those with violent criminal records are restricted from either is a good idea as well.

While driving a car is a privilege and can be revoked, owning a gun is a basic human right guaranteed to every American by the Founding Fathers in the Bill of Rights.

All of this seems like a lot of common sense. So why don’t liberals and the media get it? Maybe it’s because they are lacking in just that: common sense.

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