Obama Protects Islam At All Costs

All over the world, Christianity is under attack. Muslim countries are murdering, torturing and incarcerating people for one reason, and one reason only, their Christian faith. Here in America our government sits on its collective hands and white washes or conveniently ignores the acts of violent Islamists that continue to plan to take more lives. Moreover, the very people entrusted with our Nations Security are protecting the financiers of this global attack on Christianity.

It is no big secret that the Muslim Brotherhood has the ear of President Obama. Obama has spent the first four months of his second term working to infringe on constitutional gun rights because a mentally ill man murdered 26 people in Connecticut. Yet the lives taken here and abroad during his first term by acts of Muslim terror remain unaddressed. Taxpayer dollars continue to feed and comfort America’s enemies at Guantanamo Bay. Islamists with American educations walk the halls of our White House shaping American foreign policy and lobbying for additional protections for an ideology that kills Americans and has no plans to stop.

The left wing media hell bent on attacking anything decent has become a propaganda machine for Islamists faulting everything American for the casualties that Islam continues to inflict on Christian communities. The people at Salon, MSNBC and CNN provide cover for these animals and sell the Obama anti-white, anti-Christian narrative that fuels Islamists dreams of hobbling America. Obama administration immigration policies and token border enforcement are providing a gateway for jihadists who no longer have to hide from federal authorities. Instead, they are welcomed, fed, housed and protected until they are able to execute more innocents.

If a white supremacist group were, burning churches and murdering American descendants of Africa the National Guard would be doing house-to-house searches in every red state south of the mason Dixon line. If a bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple, the Justice Department would drag the Christian owner into federal court and destroy his business. However, two Muslim jihadists using bombs designed with Saudi financed al Qaeda internet support tear over 180 Americans lives apart and our President recommends once again American restraint.

Terrorism is operating tax free in America just as it was prior to September 11, 2001. Islam and its dangerous ideology is infecting our schools, court rooms and public policy and the President is purposely safe guarding the Islamic violence that will continue to grow in our lives if not confronted by our government. Do liberals really believe that providing weapons to Islamists in any country will serve the goal of peace with this anti-Christian ideology?

Twenty first century liberalism is getting its rear end kicked by stealth seventh century Islamic principles. Barrack Hussein Obama’s Muslim appeasement strategies, born of Muslim Brotherhood influence are killing Christians all over the world. Left wing ideologues are shamelessly ignoring the distant and growing Islamic movement to exterminate Christianity from Muslim dominated territories.

President Obama has shown the world that he intends to provide aid and shelter to his Muslim brothers regardless of the costs in American lives and Christian souls. We can no longer remain silent about the Presidents clear and present threat to freedom and decency. We can no longer allow future generations of Americans to be brainwashed to accept the violent ideology that is Islam as a protected religion. The world has fought this battle before and if we fail to push back against the surge of tolerance that is protecting these monsters Americas churches will burn one day.

Liberals may want to believe that we can Americanize yet another anti-American ideology. That is a fool’s game. For decades, America tolerated communists and socialists, and now we have them running our country into the ground. Leading national movements aimed at destroying our Constitution and grooming future generations of government dependents and purchased political patronage.

Our government is selling the dignity of government dependency. After all, they say, everybody needs a little help from time to time. It has been widely reported that one out of every five American families receives and is now dependent on food stamps. Proud and thrifty American seniors devastated by the government corruption that caused our nation’s financial meltdown are reluctantly agreeing to living out their lives as government dependents.

History shows us that poverty is a serious weapon and frequently destabilizes a countries moral foundation. A nation dependent on a government for basics like food and medical care is easily influenced to abandon their belief systems and turn on others that refuse.

The Christian faith and our churches used to be the poor’s greatest benefactor. These American institutions are under attack in Obama’s America. Executive branch policy and media propaganda campaigns are slowly destroying our Christian communities and with it the churches ability to minister to the poor in America and abroad.

Everyday more Americans find themselves dependent on an Islamic friendly Obama government. Make no mistake about it President Obama supports America’s Islamification and it will require the destruction of Christianity one believer at a time.

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