Obama Will Never be impeached on Benghazi and he knows it

Barack Obama is bloody lucky he’s a Black Democrat, because if he were White Republican, he’d be in deep trouble right now, close to the brink of extinction. Only his increasingly pathetic loyal media claque can and will save him. It will be interesting to watch as they do so even at the expense of their own reputations.

Although the Benghazi debacle is far from the only scandal that has rocked the Obama administration, it had a very real potential of being the one scandal that could explode on the Obama administration.  Blowing up right in the faces of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other top administration officials, but probably won’t.

Barack Obama is not George W. Bush, or Richard Nixon. As long as the welfare checks keep coming, food stamps are available, abortion remains legal, homosexuality is pushed and anyone whom disagrees branded a bigot, Benghazi will not affect the Obama. Plus its racist to Impeach a Black president, so who would dare?

The American citizens won’t get any public traction for at least six reasons: (1) Barack Obama is not White, Richard Nixon, or Bush 1 or Bush 2 he is a Black man (2) the Justice Department and State Department will drag their feet and obfuscate, (3) the Obama administration will not cooperate as they have done in the past, (4) the Democrats will circle the wagons after initially expressing outrage on the Benghazi debacle, (5) the media won’t report aggressively on the story, and (6) the media, Democrats, and Obama will find a scapegoat to blame besides the Youtube video producer.

Already Benghazi witness have been gagged by red tape from the Obama administration. The Obama administration officials did finally get a security clearance for the whistle-blowers attorney Victoria Toensing , but the clearance is at such a low level she cannot even use it to talk to her client, so it is useless   Toensing’s client will not be able to testify at public or closed-door hearings because he or she has not been able to prepare classified testimony with the aid of a lawyer.

Toensing, who previously held top-level security clearances while working as a Deputy Attorney General at the Justice Department’s anti-terrorism unit, has asked government officials to update her past clearances to let her work with her client. But the officials initially refused to provide her with the needed forms, she said.

Officials have now provided a 42-page security clearance form, which Toensing filled out and returned, she told TheDC. But the form is only for a basic security clearance, not a “top secret” clearance, she said.

That’s “not sufficient,” she said.

Had Fast and Furious had happened under Bush’s presidency, it would have been reported as a mega scandal. Benghazi would still be a front page story. Exposes would be written, and a Pulitzer or two would have been awarded by now. There would have been resignations by the score, Bush possible facing jail time or already in jail by now.

We’ve seen how the establishment media have virtually ignored the abortion-butcher story of Kermit Gosnell. Compare the media’s relative silence on this very public act on American children with the way the media covered interrogation techniques at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad during Bush’s presidency. Pictures of the abuse were everywhere. In fact, the media are still publishing articles on interrogation techniques used on prisoners at Guantánamo.

Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal is in all likelihood as worse as Benghazi.  But due to the current political landscape where politicians and the news media are determined to keep the administration’s dirty little gun smuggling issue out of public view,  Benghazi appears to be the one that has the most potential in unraveling public confidence in Obama, which already has been slipping in the polls over the past two months, but it too will be brushed under the rug eventually.

If American citizens believe Benghazi is going to be Obama’s political Watergate, they better wake up before it’s too late. Count on the president being savaged by the press.

While we are making Watergate analogies Telfon Obama will go about unscathed, the left will go on the attack and ridicule anyone that tries to  dethrone Obama.  Expect them to be called racist among other things, the Media will uncover any negatives on anyone.  Don’t expect Obama to be impeach or  imprisoned for his crimes, he will remain untouched, Obama will keep the USA toward the path of self implosion, while coddling Islamist!





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