Janitors Claim Discrimination Because They Can’t Read English


Courtroom (illustrative)
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Courtroom (illustrative)

Let’s say I was planning a trip to Germany. Once I arrived, I was so enamored by the country that I made plans to live there. Following the difficult immigration process, I move everything across the ocean to Germany, find a place to live in a great part of town, and settle in. However, after a few months, my savings have dried up. I have run out of money and I need a job. I go to interview after interview; finally landing a job at a local restaurant as a busser. During my time at work, I come across a sign that reads “Gefahr, heiß!” Unfortunately, I don’t speak a lick of German, and I don’t understand that “Gefahr, heiß!” means “Danger, Hot!” I wind up with a pretty bad burn, so I sue the restaurant.

Does that seem fair? Obviously not. Do you think a judge would even deign to hear my case in court? I’d hope not, because it was my fault for moving to Germany without bothering to learn the language of the country. A similar case is moving forward in Colorado as I write this article.

According to CBS Denver:

“A group of Hispanic custodians at the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver are claiming they are victims of discrimination. They’ve filed a complaint against the campus operator that could be reviewed by a federal judge…’Too many things have happened to me there that I don’t even know how to explain it,’ said Auraria custodian Bertha Ribota. Ribota said she was injured at work because she couldn’t read a warning sign that was in English…’If I could speak English I wouldn’t have the problems that exist,’ said Ribota.”

In response to the complaints and allegations, an Auraria spokesman said that the campus believes that employees should at least understand basic English. “Our employees are expected to interact with members of the public and that interaction we expect them to be able to understand English.”

Hang on! Hold the phone! An employee of a university in the United States actually expects its employees to know basic English?! That’s downright awful. That, my friends, is discrimination. Why, in a country where the spoken language is English, would you require someone to actually know English in order to get a job? That question answers itself.

This potential lawsuit is patently absurd. No judge in their right mind would side with the plaintiffs. On the other hand, we have a lot of judges who aren’t in their right mind; so we’ll see how that pans out.

This is bogus, yet it is being treated with legitimacy. No other country in the world–that speaks a different language–would hire, let alone accommodate someone who had absolutely zero understanding of their language. It simply doesn’t make sense. It’s a bad business decision. Yet in the United States, it is commonplace to hire people who don’t speak any English whatsoever, so that we can satisfy some politically correct quota. It’sasinine.

Our country, in its bid to avoid offending anyone, EVER–unless they are Christian or Republican–is killing itself. The more we try to bend over backward to accommodate, we actually become more and more intolerant. For example, anyone who dares to mention that those who move to this country should bother to learn basic English is hissed at, as if they are simple minded, cruel bigots. It’s ridiculous.

This is America. We speak English. I would never move to Germany, and not bother to learn German. Those coming to the US from other parts of the world should offer us the same courtesy.


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