WJC Urges EU to Ban Neo-Nazi Parties

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) urged Europe’s governments on Tuesday to consider a ban on far-right parties, at the end of a three-day conference held in Budapest.

European Jewish Parliament

European Jewish Parliament

The WJC, which represents Jewish communities outside Israel, adopted a resolution calling on governments in Europe to “consider banning neo-Nazi parties or organizations whose aim is to overthrow the democratic order, or which pose a threat to the safety and well-being of ethnic, religious or other minorities,” according to AFP.

The resolution also urged parliaments to “enact and enforce legislation, against threats of violence, racist hate and insults and the denial of the Holocaust”.

The WJC decided to meet in Hungary this year in solidarity with the EU member’s Jewish community which it says has suffered increasing anti-Semitism in recent years.

The three-day plenary assembly, which was attended by more than 500 delegates representing over 70 Jewish communities around the world, was also addressed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who told the gathering that anti-Semitism was “unacceptable and intolerable”.

Afterwards, the WJC expressed “regret” that Orban did not address recent anti-Semitic incidents or provide sufficient reassurance that a clear line has been drawn between the government and the far-right Jobbik party.

Recent anti-Semitic incidents include Hungary’s chief rabbi being verbally abused on a Budapest street, anti-Semitic chants at a football match against Israel and pig’s trotters being placed on a statue of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Budapest Jews in World War II.

In late November, a far-right deputy from Jobbik called publicly for the resignation of a fellow MP who claimed to have Israeli citizenship.

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The comments came after another Jobbik parliamentarian released a statement saying that a list should be compiled of all of the Jewish members of government.

In a speech to close the conference Tuesday, however, the WJC’s president, Ronald Lauder — who was re-elected unopposed Monday for a further four-year term — said that Orban had spoken out clearly against Jobbik in a recent interview in an Israeli newspaper.

Lauder warned in a speech at the conference on Sunday that continued anti-Semitism is causing Hungarian Jews to consider leaving the country.

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  1. For a person to leave his or her homeland has to be a traumatic time in one’s life, even given the Jew-hate that would precipitate a Jew’s departure from the land that was so familiar and comforting to that person despite its hazards. Certainly, in the Jewish dilemma, Israel beckons its welcome, which is like a lighthouse in a storm.
    Still, a Hungarian Jew has lived a major part of his/her life in the Hungarian environment, and notwithstanding Hungary’s anti-Semitism of WW2, Nazi and Arrow Cross goons roaming Hungarian streets,the WW2 threat of concentration camps, Jewish survivors of all the oppression still held on to the little Hungary still meant to them. Homeland is still the homeland and most of the Jews had to learn how to survive in the midst of fascist gangs and eruptions of violence because these Jews endeavored to adhere to their ancient religion and remain near the graves of their ancestors. Such quiet bravery from a people constantly persecuted from people pathologically crippled! For such perpetrators to call themselves Christians is the very same character defect to be found in Neo-Nazis and Klu-Kluxers.

    • Dear Stan Lee,
      It is simple. The muslims are the nazis, and the people who reject muslims are also rejecting the jews, since historically, and currently jews appear to be working in alliance with muslims to attack western and christian civilisation. Thus the call for the banning of far right parties by Jews. It is the so called far right parties that reject the islamomarxist subversion that is being perpetrated in Europe. This law will continue to protect muslims too, when it is in fact not the KKK at work but the muslims who are murdering the Jews. The KKK by the way are freemasons, pretending to be christians. The character defect at hand, is the defect that fails to reject and eject islam for the pagan death cult that it is. And every muslim is a member of the largest terrorist organisation in the world. But Jews prefer muslims to christians, don’t they? While it is only because of christians that the Jews still live in Europe and can call it their homeland. Muslims are waging islamic jihad on Israel, which also only exists because of Christians. And that is why the indigenous people of Hungary are rejecting Jews and Muslims, not only Jews.

  2. Julean:
    There are definite reasons for Judeo-Christians to reject the Muslim infiltration of Europe.A Muslim can get to Bulgaria, where EU passports are easily obtained. In the poorest nation of Europe, anyway to make quick money becomes a business. EU passports are such a business. After securing an EU passport, where can such a Muslim NOT GO in Europe? Europe had better return to sovereign borders and forego the recklessness of its “open borders” scheme, it’s getting late for Europe. Europe may conveniently remain aloof of the fact that Islam is undermining Europe, but I repeat…it’s becoming very late.
    Yet, Jew-hate also has raised its ugly head. I think it’s a known fact that Christianity in Europe has taken a second place to secularism. In this case Europe is cutting its own throat. Europe’s restart of persecution against Jews is Europe lashing out at a group that won’t retaliate lethally like Islam would.
    So,in a rather cowardly response, Christians who quit being Christians focus on Jews as the problem. Jews don’t respond by ritually killing such as what the Koran instructs in dealing with offending “infidels.” Any way you look at it, Jews become the targets. Whether it’s out of jealousy for Jewish progress even under the negative circumstances in play for Jews, by those who think they’re Christians, or the deep hate with which unthinking Muslims develop as they mature, Jews are the target of choice. If Jews were known to respond by murdering their persecutors, those same persecutors would leave Jews alone. Their persecutors are behaving the way they do out of deep pathologically held hate, inculcated from childhood.If they truly were Christians, they wouldn’t be acting as persecutors of Jews. They may identify as Christians, but they’re far from being true Christians.
    You start off your comment by stating “It is simple.” Really? That simple? You, yourself, are very bigoted, though you are probably unconscious to that fact. Read your comments with an open-mind if possible. “It” is not simple, you are.
    You purport to explain Free-Masons to me? For your information, one cannot become a Free-Mason unless one believes in God. Seculars and atheists are not invited. What probably bothers you is that the Order of Masons have secret, harmless,traditional, rituals.Centuries ago those rituals weren’t harmless, today they are. You may be centuries behind with your assumptions. If you’re anywhere in America, there are free libraries which have many books which explain Masonry as entirely as needed. Clear your mind.
    Jews don’t prefer Muslims, they prefer people who would prefer them. I think your theories are a bundle of contradictions coming out of a very mixed-up, bigoted, thought process. You need to re-order your thoughts and purge yourself from all those contradictions in your mind, which in plain old American street language, is a “dead give-away.”

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