Russia Supplying Syria With Advanced Missiles to Prevent International Forces From Getting Involved

May 19, 2013 15:32

Russia’s supplying Syria with advanced Yakhonts anti-ship missiles. The NY Times, which broke the story, explains why these “ship-killer” rockets matter in a civil war where rebels have zero naval capabilities:

Unlike Scud and other longer-range surface-to-surface missiles that the Assad government has used against opposition forces, the Yakhont antiship missile system provides the Syrian military a formidable weapon to counter any effort by international forces to reinforce Syrian opposition fighters by imposing a naval embargo, establishing a no-fly zone or carrying out limited airstrikes.

Later in the weekend, a Russian diplomat explained to Time the reason for the sale:

Weapons systems like the S-300, he said, “would simply set the right conditions” for negotiating Assad’s departure.

Prime Minister Netanyahu hinted that Israel would take action against “the leakage of advanced weapons to Hezbollah . . .”

Source material can be found at this site.

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