Obama Kept Benghazi Mom Kept Out of Ceremony Honoring Her Son, Told She’s “Not Immediate Family”

If this had happened in 2007, Pat Smith would be sitting across the table from every news anchor in the business. But it’s 2013. It’s Obama Time. And the media gears up its weapons of mass distraction and covers up obscenities like this.

Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, who was murdered in Benghazi, has been the most vocal member of the Benghazi families in demanding answers. And for that she has been punished, not with an IRS audit yet, but by trying to keep her away.

“When I went to the casket ceremony they told me that there was going to be an award and that they would send for me, that they would get me over there so I could witness the award. They didn’t do it. And not only did they not do it… He lies. He lies and so do everyone who’s surrounding him. They’re not telling the truth. And I don’t know why… They told me I was not immediate family. I have that in writing. They were not going to send for me.”

I would love an explanation from Obama Inc why the mother of a son is no longer considered immediate family. I realize she’s not gay or transgender, which are the favorite kind of Obama families, and we’re shortly going to be switching to “Partner 1? and “Partner 2?, European style, but I had not been informed that mothers and sons were no longer considered family.

But many are the achievements of Obama. After leaving her son to die, the great folks over at Obama Inc. told his mother that she isn’t family.

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