Knesset Speaker Shocked by UK MP’s ‘Jew’ Remark

Knesset Speaker MK Yuli Edelstein wrote a letter of protest Sunday to his British counterpart, MP John Bercow, after a hidden camera video showed a British MP making an offensive anti-Semitic remark regarding a female IDF soldier he encountered on a visit to Israel. The MP resigned last week.

“I was shocked to hear about the crude antisemitic words used by a Member of Parliament, Patrick Mercer, regarding an event during his recent trip to Israel,” wrote Edelstein. “This was a totally unacceptable comment, certainly as made by a public figure.”

“This comment is merely one of a number of similarly unacceptable comments made by Members of the British Parliament regarding Jews and regarding Israel, comments that include sick, perverted and racist positions regarding the State of Israel,” he added.

“I call on you, as Speaker of the House of Commons, to use all the parliamentary and disciplinary tools at your disposal in order to give clear expression to your position and the position of the British Parliament regarding such ugly incidents,” Edelstein wrote. “Only a strong and firm reaction on your part will provide the necessary public expression of the uncompromising commitment by you and by the British Parliament to the fight against antisemitism and other forms of racism.”

“The experience of the past teaches us that what begins as attacks against Jews does not end with the Jews. Such statements, which come to light even when expressed in private, teach us that we have a duty to carry out an ongoing fight against those prejudices that exist in certain parts of British society,” the Knesset Speaker explained.

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Mercer’s remarks regarding the soldier were captured by a BBC Panorama reporter with a concealed camera. They include some foul language.

Source material can be found at this site.

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