Sweden Now Rape Capital of the World Due to Islamic Immigration

Thanks to the staggering rise of Muslim immigrants, sexual assaults have increased 500% in the Scandinavian country.

Is this how we are supposedly “enriched” by diversity?

Who has the highest number of rapes in the world?

The title sadly goes to Sweden, which now sees one out of every four Swedish women being the victim of rape.
Is this the result of the rapid influx of Muslim immigrants who continue to form a larger percentage of the Swedish population?

From the Counter Jihad Report:

With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

The escalation of rape in Sweden is so bad that in July of last year there were an average of five rapes a day reported in Stockholm. Think about that for a minute; five women being raped a day in a modern civilized city. This isn’t Afghanistan or Mexico we’re talking about; it’s Sweden.

The fact that the quantity of rapes is increasing due to the increase of Muslim immigrants is in itself disturbing. As of 2008, Sweden’s rape statistics were up to 53.2 per 100,000 population. Sadly, they are most likely higher as the Muslim population continues to grow without any willingness to assimilate into Swedish society.

The only way to fix such a problem is either halt immigration altogether, or to bring down the law on Muslim immigrants who are unwilling to obey. However, such actions force Swedish officials to recognize the root of the problem – Islam. And we all know how government officials react to that.

Six teenage Muslim boys put on trial for the gang rape of a 15-year-old Swedish girl represent a rainbow of Muslim diversity. There are Turks, Arabs and Africans.So naturally after the trial, the judge threw the book at them the way only a Liberal Swedish judge can throw the book at Muslim immigrants who are contributing to the country’s rich diversity.

Five of the teens were found guilty of aggravated rape by the Solna District Court on Friday, with the sixth guilty of attempted aggravated gang rape.

Five of the rapist were only sentenced with 100 hours of community service each, oh and the liberal Swedish Judge ordered the Muslim rapist to pay 55,000 kronor ($8,500) each in damages to the victim.

The UN ironically ranks Sweden highly when it comes to women’s rights. Unfortunately the right not to be gang raped by group of feral Muslim immigrants isn’t one of those rights.

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