Who Firebombed Montreal’s Kosher Restaurants?

Police have released surveillance video footage of perpetrators who firebombed two kosher restaurants in Montreal in the hopes that someone in the public might have seen the perpetrators and could offer investigators a tip on their identity.

Bombed car (illustrative)
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Bombed car (illustrative)

Although no one was injured in the arson, both businesses were damaged.

Police have offered a reward of $20,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the arsonists. Of that money, “$5,000 is for information identifying each of the two men. The other $10,000 is a reward for identifying “the person who hired them,” said Chops restaurant co-owner Ouri Ohayon.

About two dozen people were dining in Hampstead’s upscale Chops Resto Bar shortly after midnight Saturday June 8 when two young men hurled a firebomb (Molotov cocktail) through the window. It’s the third time since June 2011 that Chops has been targeted in this manner, according to a report published by The Star.

Late that Friday night, a Jewish businessman’s home was firebombed not far from the restaurant. Six people were home at the time, including two children.

Late Thursday night, the kosher Café Shalom – also not far away – was similarly attacked.

In all three arsons, there were no injuries. But there have also been no arrests, and the surveillance video is set at some distance from the sidewalk where the perpetrators walked.

Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Liberal MP Bob Rae both tweeted their outrage and condemned the attacks via the Twitter social networking website immediately following the incidents, according to The Canadian Press.

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