Donald Trump For President 2016

By Peter Paton

Donald Trump has all the right qualities and assets at his disposal to be President in 2016.

He is vastly experienced in the Business and Economic Fields, he is an Empire Builder with deep Patriotic Roots, and he is a Compassionate Conservative who lends himself to extensive charitable works, and defending the needy and vulnerable in our Communities.

Donald Trump’s Life is an inspiring tale of a man who has successfully remade and remodeled himself to triumph over Fate and Adversity, and change accordingly to suit the varying times and environments throughout the Passage of Time, just the sort of Self Made Man that America is crying out for just now. Trump knows how to surround himself with the right people and management, who would excel in both Domestic and Foreign Policy, which would oil the wheels of a future Trump Administration in the White House in 2016.

Trump has the Business and Man Management Skills to tackle and control the disastrous Financial Policies of the Obama Administration, which have racked up an enormous $17 Trillion Dollar Deficit, and caused Mass Unemployment and Roaring Inflation to utterly destroy the American Economy and Exports abroad. Trump’s Leadership Skills where he leads from the front, would provide America with a Hands On President who knows exactly what he is doing, and more importantly has the Mindset to accomplish his aims and objectives.

It would be in Trump’s best interests to act Presidential now, and if he were to pick a shrewd and combative Vice President alongside him, someone in the mold of Allen West, then his chances of being elected President in 2016 would increase dramatically.







Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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