Robert Zimmerman to the DOJ: Stop Your ‘Witch Hunt’

On Tuesday evening, Robert Zimmerman, brother of George Zimmerman, responded to reports that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice had solicited the public for information about George that could help a federal civil rights prosecution. The DOJ has even set up an email address for tips on Zimmerman.

In an  interview with Breitbart News, Robert labeled the effort a “witch hunt,” asking, “How many other individuals has the DOJ witch-hunted in this way? I think that the state of FL when they embarked on their malicious prosecution of George would have liked nothing more than for he FBI to uncover any sign of racism that could be attributed to George. The FBI interviewed three dozen people who were close to George for any indication that George was a racist or had racist tendencies. What their investigation revealed thus far is that quite the opposite is true.

“Political persecution has reached a dimension unforeseen by many,” Robert Zimmerman continued. “It is inconceivable that high-ranking officials would endorse this kind of behavior. It is profoundly disserving that they facilitate it. I would remind the Department of Justice that a verdict has been reached in this case, and that the reputation of Sanford, Florida and the trust of the people of Sanford, Florida in regards to their law enforcement agencies is more important than continuing politically motivated and race-tinged assaults on an innocent man’s character.”

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