3 “Kitchen Table” Topics for Obama’s Speech Today

President Obama says he’s ready to get back to the “kitchen table” issues we’re all talking about. After months of focusing on gun control, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and other tangents that do not top Americans’ list of concerns, that’s good to hear.

Obama told supporters earlier this week that his speech today will focus on the economy. He said: “There is no more important question for this country than how do we create an economy in which everybody who works hard feels like they can get ahead?”

For liberals, that usually means that one person’s “getting ahead” is going to come at the expense of a hard-working taxpayer.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As Heritage President Jim DeMint has pointed out, “In poll after poll, Americans continue to make their concerns known loud and clear. They are worried about the lack of jobs, rising healthcare costs and out of control federal spending and deficits.”

So here are three “kitchen table” issues Obama could address today—that actually matter to Americans’ ability to “get ahead.”


What do Americans need to get ahead? They need the opportunity to do it—without government getting in the way. Government gets in the way with punishing taxes and regulations that stop jobs from growing. Just look at what happens when people are free to go where the jobs are.

How to create jobs


Obamacare is keeping Americans from getting ahead. Its premium increases and new tax hikes are hurting individuals, and people are losing their health coverage. But it’s also been strangling the job market for years.

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Why Congress should defund Obamacare NOW


America’s debt threatens the prosperity of the middle class. And a taxpayer-financed presidential speaking tour isn’t the answer. U.S. public debt is at a 50-year high. It has built to $140,000 per household. We’re about to hit the debt ceiling again—and Obama is counting on us not to pay attention.

How the debt ceiling affects YOU

What’s your #1 kitchen table issue? Let us know in the comments.

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