Liberal Students sign petition to legalize abortion after childbirth


Several leftist students at George Mason University (GMU) signed a petition on Wednesday demanding lawmakers legalize “fourth trimester” abortions.

The petition, which was circulated on GMU’s flagship campus in Fairfax, VA., just outside Washington D.C., by Media Research Center reporter Dan Joseph said it was aimed at sending “a message to our lawmakers that women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies and babies” even “after their pregnancies.”

“If you don’t know what fourth trimester is, it’s after the baby is already born,” Joseph added in a video showing him collect the signatures.

WATCH BELOW: Liberal Students sign petition to legalize ‘fourth trimester’ murder.

[youtube 4v8–9R0I2Q nolink]

“Currently fourth trimester abortions are illegal in all 50 states,” he told students before asking them to sign his petition.

Most student responses varied from “okay” to “cool.”

One concerned student asked if the procedure would “cause harm to the child.”

“Well the child wouldn’t be there anymore,” responded Joseph. “It’s abortion.”

That student then signed the petition.

The liberals argue  that post-birth abortion is likely preferable to adoption for some mothers because of its “irreversibility.”  Putting a child up for adoption might cause a woman “psychological distress,” they said.

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