“OVERPASSES FOR OBAMA’S IMPEACHMENT”: Over 200 Impeach Obama Rallies Scheduled For Today

America and the Constitution are under attack. Patriots are standing up across the country to say “No More”‘ We are urging demonstrations EVERYWHERE against Obama and his administration! Bring your large readable signs, flags, banners, friends and family!

[youtube RTFuIX7RhTY nolink]

PLEASE NOTE: These are intended to be peaceful protests of our current administrations continuing overreach and abuse of power. Please bring large readable signs, American flags and Don’t Tread On Me gear. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING YOU CARRY WILL BE SECURE, WITH NO CHANCE OF FALLING ONTO THE HIGHWAY BELOW, CAUSING AN ACCIDENT! Please no profanity, no crude pictures/banners/signs are allowed. Please avoid social issues and any protest material that reflects these issues!! This protest is about removing our corrupt overreaching government.

It is about returning America back to “WE THE PEOPLE”, Constitutional Law and the Bill of Rights that our Founding Fathers had envisioned for us. Please no children under the age of 18 are allowed at any of the Overpasses events…

Please Check Our “Events” For One Near You!

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