Sen. Cornyn: ‘Real Obama Record’ Is Highest Unemployment Since Great Depression

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Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) Starr)

( – Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) lambasted “the real Obama record,” which he said shows a lack of economic growth and the highest levels of unemployment since the Great Depression.

“In other words, President Obama wants us to pretend that the last four and a half years never happened,” Cornyn wrote  in an op-ed Friday in the Houston Chronicle.

“Listening to his speeches, you would never know that America’s median household income has declined by nearly $2,400 since June of 2009. You would never know that 4.2 million people have been unemployed for more than six months,” the Texas Republican said.

“If raising taxes, raising spending, and stoking class warfare represented the path to prosperity, our economy would be booming. Instead, we’ve been suffering through the weakest recovery and the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Depression. That’s the real Obama record.”

Cornyn criticized Obama’s recent remarks claiming “income inequality is a bigger problem than slow GDP growth and mass unemployment.” He also blasted the president’s proposal to raise “the corporate-tax burden and us[e] the new revenue to fund more of his favorite stimulus projects.”

Cornyn noted that declines in median household income and labor-force participation were accompanied by a rise in “taxes by $1.7 trillion” and the “national debt by $6.1 trillion.”

Charging the president with inaction toward “bipartisan growth initiatives,” Cornyn noted that Obama “chose to caricature his political opponents as anti-government fanatics” who “don’t really care about poor kids, the elderly or medical research.”

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“Here’s the reality,” Cornyn stated. “Supporting basic RD is different from supporting crony capitalism and Solyndra-style boondoggles.”

Cornyn then criticized infrastructure projects that include “Bridges to Nowhere, Trains to Nowhere, and other economically backward pork-barrel projects,” as well as the notion of “simply throwing money at a problem and declaring it solved.

“Amazingly, the president will seems to believe that we can tax and spend our way back to robust job creation,” Cornyn stated, adding that he believes this is not the way to “save the American Dream.”

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