Egypt’s Islamist Rage Targets Christians

Supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi have reportedly been lashing out at Christian targets, besides confronting the government.

Muslim mob set fire to a Coptic Christian church in Cairo
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Muslim mob set fire to a Coptic Christian church in Cairo

In Fayoum, in Upper Egypt, pro-Morsi supporters set fire to a Christian youth center located next to the Muslim youth center where they had been protesting, according to a report on Ahram Arabic cited by the BBC.

Ahram Arabic also reported that pro-Morsi supporters threw fire bombs at the Al-Raey Al-Saleh Church and set three military vehicles on fire. Clashes are ongoing between protesters and military forces.

The BBC said that there have been a number of attacks on churches around Egypt Wednesday, including in Minya and Sohag.

The Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya movement – a close ally of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood – also urged its loyalists “enraged by police attacks on the Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins,” not to assault “Christians or their religious buildings.”

Source material can be found at this site.

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