Egypt Releases Video of Muslim Brotherhood Snipers Firing on Security Forces

Egypt’s Interior Ministry released a video on Monday which, it said, shows Muslim Brotherhood snipers firing onto security forces last week, as a protester camp in Cairo was being dispersed.

The video, which was published by Al Arabiya, shows aerial shots seemingly taken from a helicopter, and other shots that appear to be filmed from a high-rise building.

A conversation can be heard by two members of the security forces speaking on a two-way radio.

“He’s still shooting from above,” one of them says, as shots are heard coming out from a tower block in view.

“They’re shooting from the roof and the floor just below the roof,” he shouts.

The video shows what appear to be petrol bombs being thrown from the building.

[youtube 1SzV1_VfKXQ nolink]

Security forces last Wednesday dispersed thousands of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted President Mohammed Morsi from two sit-ins in Cairo.

Egypt’s Health Ministry said that the casualties from Wednesday’s violence totaled 638 dead and 3,994 injured. The Brotherhood has claimed that there was a much higher victim count, saying 2,200 were killed.

Source material can be found at this site.

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