What Countries is Islam Causing Problems: A Peaceful Religion or a Cult of Terror

Imagine a world without Islam.
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Imagine a world without Islam.

In the past 1400 years, many areas around the world have been targeted by Islamic terrorists. About thirty places today are still being targeted or have recently become targets. The goal of the terrorists is clear: The establishment of a worldwide Islamic empire: Khilafate. The Facts About Islam website brings you the list of many of the places affected by Islamic terrorism either in the last 1400 years, now, or both:

1. America. America’s struggle against Islamic terrorism goes back not to 2001, but to the eighteenth century. In the 1790s and the early 1800s, Barbary pirates from north Africa attacked American merchant ships in the Mediterranean and often took the crews hostage, and later killed them. The pirates were supported by the the Islamic leaders in Tripoli. Unlike Britain and France who had signed treaties with the pirates, America took action and defeated the pirates in the early 1800s.

In the 1980s, Islamic terrorists again added Americans to their target lists. In 1982, an American base in Lebanon was attacked. Nearly 300 Americans died. In the late 1980s, terrorists committed several terrorist attacks against American civilians. As the Cold War ended in the early 1990s, a new war was about to begin. In 1993, Al-Qaeda bombed the World Trade Center for the first time. The truck bomb used in the attack killed six people. This was followed by several attacks against American civilians in the mid and late 1990s in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Tanzania. In 2000, terrorists attacked the USS Cole killing seventeen Americans.

After years of warnings from intelligence (about the possibility of a major terrorist attack) and relatively minor acts of terror, Al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001, killing 3000 Americans. This began the War on Terror, but even action in Afghanistan and Iraq have not done enough to make America safe. Since 2003 and 2004, anti-terrorist organizations, groups, and individuals, (including the FAI-ally Anti-Terrorism Coalition (ATC) have been warning America and the free world that Al-Qaeda had the capability to have already not only obtained suitcase nukes, but also to have smuggled them into the US. In July 2005, major news sites began to release articles warning of the same threat. Shortly afterwards, American Congressman Tom Tancredo called for a briefing into the threat of the “American Hiroshima”. For more information on Islamic terrorism in America,

Palestinian Authority children taught to shoot
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Palestinian Authority children taught to shoot

click herefor the FAI’s section on America.

2. Israel. Since the early 1900s, ever since Jewish settlers began to move to what is now modern Israel, they have been terrorized by the Muslims living around them. During the twentieth century alone, tens of thousands if not over a hundred thousand Jews have fallen victim to savage acts of terrorism. This terrorism has continued through the twenty first century and has claimed the lives of between 1000 and 1500 Israelis in these last five years alone. Suicide bombings, shootings, shelling, and now rockets have and are being used to kill Israeli civilians, including infants and children for only one reason: They have not submitted to Islam.

However, Islamic violence against the Jews is not a new thing. In the early 600s A.D., Mohammad (the founder of Islam) and his followers massacred several hundred Jews living in the city of Medina (the second most important Islamic site). Later on, as Islam expanded to Jerusalem and now modern Israel, the few Jews living there were also massacred. Thus, Jews have been victims of Islamic terrorism for nearly 1400 years. For more on Israel, click here for the FAI’s section on Israel.

3. India. By the 800s A.D., Islamic critism of the Hindu faith reached India. Hindu intellectuals began to worry about a possible invasion. In the late 900s A.D., Muslims passed through Khyber Pass and began to raid towns in northwest India. The Muslim invaders destroyed Hindu temples, stole goods, massacred some villages, and/or enslaved some of the inhabitants. The Muslims were still, even at that time, weak militarily and thus, they knew they could not afford a full scale war. Hence, they began a campaign of terrorism against India 1000 years ago and it is exactly the same kind of terrorism that the West and India face today.

In 1010, the Hindus appeased the Muslims by paying them in all sorts of goods in exchange for peace. However, as history has repeatedly proven, the policy of appeasement is the policy of failure and soon after, Muslim attacks on Hindus resumed. By continuing to raid Hindu towns for over one hundred years, the Muslims managed to weaken the Indian economy significantly. (Note that Bin-Laden’s plan for defeating America is the devastation of the American economy).

By 1150, India’s weak economy had made India weak overall, thus vulnerable to a fullscale Islamic invasion. By 1193, the Muslims held Delhi and by 1202, the majority of India at the Ganges river was under the control of Islam, with its Hindu inhabitants at the mercy of their new ruthless and barbaric rulers. The Muslim armies continued to conquer more of India. While all of India was never conquered by the Muslims, a majority of it was. In Afghanistan (once a part of India), many of the Hindu and Buddhist men were killed and the women were enslaved. In the Indus River region (which is today located in the center of Pakistan), many Hindus were also massacred and the majority of others were converted. In what is the northern part of modern India today, massacres of Hindus also took place. It is estimated that up to 100 million Hindus may have been killed in those massacres. While the massacres came to an end when the British conquered India, terrorism against Hindus resumed when India regained its independence and when a chunk of stolen Indian land became Pakistan. Since 1947, when both countries gained independence, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Hindus have been killed in acts of terror.

4. Britain. In the last two decades, several million Muslims have made their way to Britain. Many have taken their pro-terrorist views

Bus After Islam (See the Ad?)
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Bus After Islam (See the Ad?)

with them. Since 2000, weapons, including bombs have been found all over Britain in Islamic homes and small weapons depots. In addition to this, several major terrorist propagandists, including Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri have been involved in financing and preaching terrorism, as well as recruiting terrorists. Bakri, a former member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a terrorist organization in Turkey and Europe left the organization in the 1990s with a group of followers to found the Al-Muhajiroun, which has been suspected in playing a major role in the 7-7 Terrorist Attacks, which occurred on July 7, 2005. Fifty-five people died after a double decker bus and three subway trains were attacked by a suicide bomber. Abu Hamza was arrested and put on trial on July 4, 2005. The trial continues is still ongoing. Thousands of Al-Qaeda members alone are living in Britain (this does not include the number of members of other terrorist organizations or Al-Qaeda’s affiliates). The number of terrorist sympathizers is much greater.

5. Australia. With Indonesia at next door, hundreds of thousands of Indonesian Muslims have made their way to Australia. There are thousands of terrorists and many more terrorist sympathizers in Australia. Many of the Imams there preach hate and a great number of terrorism experts believe it’s only a matter of time before Australia has its 9/11.

Australia; however, is already a victim of Islamic terrorism. On October 12, 2002, terrorists bombed several locations in Bali, Indonesia, in which there were many tourists. Out of the 202 people killed, 88 were Australian and another 35 people were either American or British. Thirty eight Balinese people were killed; however, Bali, unlike most other islands in Indonesia does not have a Muslim majority. In fact, about 90% of the population is Hindu! Thus, Bali was not only chosen as the location for this attack because of the foreign tourists, but because the majority of the ethnic people there is not Muslim either.

Destroyed Serbian Orthodox church near Preševo, Serbia
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Destroyed Serbian Orthodox church near Preševo, Serbia

6. Serbia. In the 1400s, the Ottoman Empire (an Islamic empire) took over much of the Balkans. Some of the Slavic people in the region, which lived in modern day Bosnia were converted to Islam. Other Slavs, like the Serbs resisted conversion and stayed loyal to their Christian Orthodox faith. Finally, in the 1800s, Serbia was liberated from Ottoman rule; however, it soon fell under the partial control and the influence of Austria-Hungry. Only after World War I did Serbia have full independence. Serbia and neighboring nations formed the nation of Yugoslavia.

However, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Bosnians began violently requesting to secede from Yugoslavia. After the Yugoslavs refused, the Bosnians began using terrorism against the Serbians. The Serbians tried to defend themselves by attacking the terrorists; however, this got the international community involved and in an act of appeasement, they bombed Serbia in order to give the Bosnians what they wanted. However, this too was not the end of Islamic terrorism in Serbia. In the late 1990s, Albanian insurgents, with the support of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations began pouring into Kosovo and the region nearby it. Albania, an Islamic country, claimed Kosovo and the surrounding region for itself. After the Islamic terrorists began terrorizing the Serbians living in that area, Serbian President Milosevic again responded with a show of force against the terrorists. For the second time, the international community bombed Serbia in an act of appeasement to the terrorists. Kosovo and the surrounding region were stolen from Serbia and today, it is controlled by NATO Forces. Terrorism still continues there, but on a lower scale. For more on Serbia, click here for the FAI’s section on Serbia.

7. Russia. Since the late 1980s, Chechen, Dagestani, and foreign Islamic terrorists have been involved in terrorism against Russia. Two of the most horrific terrorist attacks executed by these terrorists occurred in 2002 and 2004. In 2002, a theater in Moscow was stormed and taken over by mostly Chechen terrorists. A hostage crisis ensued for several days until Russian commandos pumped gas into the theater and later stormed it. Two civilians died in the assault, but another 120 died in hospitals after the Russian government

refused to disclose what gas had been used.

On September 1, 2004, terrorists stormed a school in Beslan, taking over 1000 people hostage. The terrorists consisted of Muslims all over the world. The hostages were all herded into the school gymnasium and denied water, food, and even the right to go to the bathroom. After three days, Russian troops stormed the school. However, the terrorists set off their explosives. A two hour battle ensued and fighting continue for a total of twelve hours. Over 300 civilians were killed, many of them children. For more on Russia, click here for the FAI’s section on Russia.

8. Holland. Holland is considered to be perhaps the most Islamized country in Europe. Terrorists along with terrorist sympathizers as young as five have marched with Ak-47s in Amsterdam. Muslim gangs roam the streets in major Dutch cities. Organizations such as the Arabic European League (the European version of CAIR) is headquartered in Holland and countless other terrorist propagandist groups also operate in Holland. The Islamic terrorists have plenty of weapons in Holland and nobody has made a move to take action against that. In addition, immigration from Islamic countries to Holland is a major problem. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims move to Holland yearly.

Holland has also been the sight of two terrorist attacks. In 2002, popular politician Pim Fortuyn, who made a strong stance against Islamic immigration, was assassinated by an environmentalist, who claimed he had killed Fortuyn to “protect Muslims”. On November 2, 2004, Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh, the great grand nephew of the famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, was assassinated shortly after creating the movie “Submission.” “Submission” exposed the mistreatment of women in Islam. Van Gogh had been working on making several movies to expose Islam and was murdered by Mohammad Bouyeri. For more on Holland, click here for the FAI’s section on Holland.

 Demonstration in Marseille, France
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Demonstration in Marseille, France

9. France. France has either the highest or the second highest Muslim population (in terms of percentage) in Europe, at 10-15%. There are countless terrorist propagandists in France. Just like in Holland, Muslim gangs roam the streets of major cities. France, just as Holland is mostly a base for the terrorists. However, the majority of racial attacks against non-Muslims, especially Jews has been attributed to Muslims in France. In addition to this, the French government has banned the freedom of speech (just as the Dutch have) and speaking out against Islam or Muslims is considered “racism” and can be punishable with jail time. Many anti-terrorist organizations in France have been banned in France for being “racist” against Muslims. This is a clear breach of the freedom of speech and clearly appeasement to the terrorists.

10. Europe Overall. Since the 1960s, Muslims began immigrating to Europe. At first they provided cheap labor; however, as more and more of them began to move to Europe, they began to open up their own schools and soon enough, the pro-terrorist verses of the Koran were being preached to and accepted by a majority of the Muslims in Europe. Today, many Islamic terrorist organizations have used the freedoms found in the Liberal Western European countries to spread hateful propaganda, to recruit terrorists, and to even form pro-terrorist and terrorist organizations. In many Western European countries, Muslim gangs roam the streets and commit acts of violence against non-Muslims there.

11. Lebanon. Lebanon used to be a mostly Christian country. However, in the early 1900s, Muslims began to terrorize the Christians in Lebanon, causing many Lebanese to immigrate to America and other Western countries. Today, only 20% of Lebanese are Christian and they live under constant fear of terror.

Even after Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon in April of 2005, terrorists continue to dominate the country. Hizbullah, the second biggest Islamic terrorist organization in the world has continued to attack Christian neighborhoods in Lebanon, in addition to the fact that it has shelled Israel. Recently several bombings occurred in Christian communities in Lebanon.

12. Egypt. The small Christian minority in Egypt has been victimized by Islamic terrorists since the very day that Islam arrived in

Egypt. Some Coptic Christians have fled Egypt, but those that have not live under the constant threat of being killed or being forced to convert to Islam under the threat of death.

13. Indonesia. Indonesia has been a sight for Islamic terrorism for the past several hundred years. Much of Indonesia was once part of India and thus, many of the people there were Hindu. After Muslims conquered Indonesia, the majority of Indonesians were converted to Islam. Today, 87% of the population of Indonesia, now the largest Islamic country in the world, is Muslim. However, the other 13% is made up of Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians. Over the past several hundred years, non-Muslims living in Indonesia have been terrorized.

Places such as Bali, Banda Aceh, and several others have a Muslim minority. Islamic terrorists have waged a war in Banda Aceh against the non-Muslims living there. As for other mostly non-muslim regions, Bali was the sight of a major terrorist attack in 2002. On October 12, 2002, terrorists bombed three places in the mostly Hindu region of Bali. Two hundred people, including 88 Australians, 26 Britons, 7 Americans, 38 Balinese, and others were killed in the attack.

14. Sudan. 1.3 million Christians have been killed in the last few years. In what is becoming known as the Sudan Genocide, Islamic militias with full support from the Islamic-dominated government of Sudan are massacring Christians in villages, as well as certain refugee camps. The Sudan Genocide is the first genocide of this century and its perpetrators are Muslim.

15. Persia. By the mid-600s A.D., Arab armies had conquered much of the Middle East, including the great civilization of Persia. The Persian civilization was by that time at least 2000 years old and quite famous for its once great empire. The Persians were followers of a religion called Zoroastrianism, but when the Muslims came, the Persians were converted to Islam. Around 1000 B.C., the Persians invented pants; however, today, in Iran (the new name for Persia since the twentieth century), many Iranians don’t wear pants, but instead robes or rags! The once great Persian civilization is today a third world country, controlled by theocratic Nazis.

16. South and Central America. In the last few decades, Muslims have been immigrating to South and Central America. Al-Qaeda, Hizbullah, and other Islamic terrorist organizations currently operate there. An area known as the Muslim triangle, which is located in the tri-border area of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina has a huge Muslim population, and in addition to that is very hard to control, thus making it lawless. Meetings between terrorist leaders and other terrorist operatives there occur frequently.

South and Central American countries overall have horrible law enforcement and have taken little action against Islamic terrorists operating in the area. The terrorists have taken advantage of the lack of security in those countries and have used South and Central American countries as a stop for sleepers and other operatives going into the United States. One of the most problematic areas is the Mexican-American border. While the American government has taken little action in order to prevent illegal immigrants from Mexico from crossing the border, the Mexican government has taken no action. It is estimated that nearly a million illegals cross the border every year and 10% of them are not Mexican. The lack of security on the border has been raising concerns of whether not only Islamic terrorists themselves have made it across the border, but WMD, including nukes, as well. This is not the first time that South and Central American countries have had problems with apprehending terrorists and criminals. After World War II, many high-ranking Nazis and Nazi war criminals found refuge in these countries. Some continue to live there today.

17. Afghanistan. Afghanistan used to be a part of Ancient India until the Muslims stole the area from India by force nearly 1000

years ago. Many Hindus and Buddhists there were murdered, in what was the first genocide against India. In the 1980s and 1990s, Afghanistan became the base for high-ranking terrorist leaders, including Osama Bin-Laden and Iman Al-Zwahiri. In the mid-1990s, a group of theocratic Nazis known as the Taliban managed to seize power, allowing for terrorists to operate without any problems. During its reign, Buddhist statues that had stood for 1000s of years were destroyed. The Taliban also provided unconditional support to terrorist organizations. Al-Qaeda managed to open up laboratories, along with hundreds of terrorist training camps.

18. Pakistan. Pakistan has been the sight of several Church bombings and shootings. The very small Christian minority lives under constant fear of Islamic terrorism.

19. Nigeria. Nigeria has a Muslim majority of 50% and a Christian minority of 40%. For several decades, the Muslim majority has been using terrorism against the Christians. In Islamic controlled areas, strict Shariah law has been imposed and women have been stoned for being raped! Only after a huge international outcry saved the life of the woman in the article. However, many others were not so lucky.

20. Armenia. Armenia is the site of a major genocide. Between 1914 and 1923, over 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Turks in the most brutal ways. Make sure to check out the FAI’s Section on one of the least publized Holocausts: The Armenian Genocide. However, Islamic terrorism goes back to much earlier than that. Ever since the 630s A.D., Islam has attempted to spread into Armenia and turn it into an Islamic country. Of course, Armenia, the first Christian country in the world has resisted that. For more on Armenia, click here for the FAI’s section on Armenia.

21. Greece. Between the 1300s and 1800s, Greece was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Even after Greece became an independent nation, Greece was attacked by Turkey several times. Several decades ago, Cyprus, an island with a Greek majority was invaded by Turkey and split into two parts: the Greek part and the Turkish part. Today, there are still tensions between the two countries. 22.

The Ghost Town of Varosha, Famagusta Cyprus which was taken hostage by the Turkish Army in August 1974 and has been used as a bargaining counter since that date.
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The Ghost Town of Varosha, Famagusta Cyprus which was taken hostage by the Turkish Army in August 1974 and has been used as a bargaining counter since that date.

Cyprus. Several decades ago, Cyprus, an island with a Greek majority was invaded by Turkey and split into two parts: the Greek part and the Turkish part. Turkey, again, with no motive, attacked a non-Muslim country and stole land, while for the second time in the last 100 years, the West watched without taking any action

23. Philippines. The southern parts of the Philippines are populated by Muslims. For over 100 years, the Muslims have terrorized first the Spanish and then the Americans (both of whom occupied the islands), and now they terrorize the Filipinos. In 1911, American General Pershing had had enough of the Islamic terrorism there. After capturing fifty terrorists, Pershing had them dig their own graves. Then, they were tied to posts and in front of them, the soldiers slaughtered pigs. Then, they rubbed their bullets in pig grease and shot forty nine out of the fifty terrorists. Then, the forty nine terrorists killed were buried with pig meat and the survivor was let go to tell others about what he witnessed. Since Muslims believe that if they touch pigs, they go to hell, this action ended Islamic terrorism in the Philippines for sixty plus years. Recently, terrorists like Abu Sayyaf have again begun to attack non-Muslims in the Philippines. They still continue to operate there.

24. Tunisia. Tunisia has been the site of several attacks on Synagogues (Jewish temples). In addition, Tunisia has harbored terrorists in the past and continues to do so.

25. Morocco. Morocco also harbors terrorists and has been the site of several attacks on Synagogues, as well.

26. Kenya. While Kenya is a mostly Christian country, its lack of security and its large amount of jungles makes it a perfect place for terrorists to operate. In 1998, the American embassy was bombed in Nairobi by Al-Qaeda.

27. Tanzania. Tanzania has about as many Christians as it does Muslims; however, security is also pretty poor there. Terrorists have been known to operate there and some parts of the country have a Muslim majority. In 1998, the American embassy was bombed in Tanzania, at the same time as the American embassy in Kenya was bombed.

28. Uzbekistan. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda have begun to operate in this Central Asian Islamic country and have gained a lot of sympathy among a majority of the population since then. In the 1990s, after being asked for help by the moderate Uzbekistani government, Russia sent troops to Uzbekistan to quell the Islamic terrorism there.

29. China. The northwestern Chinese province Xing Zhang is populated with Muslims, called Uyghurs. The Uyghurs have attempted to use terrorism against the Chinese, but have faced severe retribution for any attacks they have done.

30. Thailand. While a mostly Buddhist country, it has a considerable amount of Muslims in its southern part. Terrorists use Thailand as a base and as a hiding place, as its jungles create the ideal place for hiding. The mastermind of the 2002 Bali bombings hid there, but was captured in 2003.

31. Iraq. Financed and actively supported by Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, the Iraqi insurgency has claimed over 1500 American lives, plus over a hundred lives of other Westerners. Some of the civilians killed have been brutally murdered by the favorite Islamic style of execution: beheading. To make it even worse, the terrorists taped many of the beheadings and posted them on the web.

32. Spain. In the 700s A.D., Muslims began to conquer Spain. By the 1000s, nearly all of Spain, except several Christian kingdoms to the north were held by the Muslims. Only several hundred years later, when the Christian kingdoms united into one kingdom and

Madrid Islamic train bombings in 2004 (also known in Spain as 11-M)
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Madrid Islamic train bombings in 2004 (also known in Spain as 11-M)

formed an army, did they begin to slowly drive the Muslims out. The last Muslim city to fall was Granada, in 1492.

However, Islamic terrorism did not end there. On March 11, 2004, nearly 200 people were killed when terrorists placed backpacks containing explosives onto trains heading into Madrid. This attack was a success for the terrorists, as Socialists were elected and Spain retreated from the War on Terror.

33. The Internet. Since the mid-1990s, terrorists have used the internet for spreading their propaganda, recruiting, communicating amongst themselves, and hacking down anti-terrorist, Western, and attempting to attack governmental sites. For much more on Cyber Jihad, click here.

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