Chris Wallace to Obama Chief of Staff: Where Are the Benghazi Arrests?

Following up on multiple questions regarding the proposed Syrian intervention and its fate in Congress, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace invoked the approaching one year anniversary of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, and asked White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough why the perpetrators had not been brought to justice.

Wallace was especially interested in why the U.S. had not arrested Ahmed Abu Khattala, who has been charged with the crime but not arrested, despite having given interviews to several news outlets.

“Why is it that reporters seems to be able to find this guy, who the government is charging with involvement in Benghazi, but law enforcement can’t find him?” Wallace asked. “It’s been a year, sir.”

You know what the United States does?” McDonough said. “We track every lead until we find and can accomplish what we do.”

“Not to belabor it,” Wallace said, “but why can AP find him, why can the New York Times find him, and not our government?”

“The United States government does what it says, and we will do what we say in this instance, as we do in every other instance,” McDonough replied.

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