A Challenge to Darwinism

Anyone who has been exposed to the teaching of evolution has heard of the Cambrian Explosion of fossils. The evolutionists call it an “explosion” of fossils because so many fossils appear so abruptly in the geologic column.

The Cambrian rock layers are among the lowest and “oldest” layers in the geologic column yet are extremely rich in both number and variety of fossils. The layers below the Cambrian are virtually void of fossils.

The Cambrian layer contains billions of marine invertebrate fossils. About 95% of all animal fossils are of marine invertebrates. These include mollusks such as clams and snails, crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters and cephalopods which include squid. The Cambrian layers also include abundant plant fossils and a significant variety of insect fossils.

Evolutionists have long been puzzled by the well preserved Cambrian fossils of sea creatures that look almost exactly like marine invertebrates alive today.

Great momentum was given to the evolutionist’s perplexity when The Burgess Shale was discovered in the Canadian Rockies in 1909. The Burgess Shale contains billions of fossils that are so well preserved that even many of the soft body parts are clearly discernible.

The Burgess Shale and in fact all of the other Cambrian fossil layers contain NO TRANSITIONAL FORMS. The lack of transitional forms is one of the many conundrums facing the theory of evolution.

There are no fossils of organisms that evolved into clams. There are no fossils of organisms that evolved into crabs. There are no fossils that evolved into trilobites and no transitional fossils of anything into which trilobites could have evolved. There are no fossil precursors of jellyfish or squid or earthworms or spiders or insects!

Facts destroy theories. Any theory that cannot explain obvious facts must be rejected. Marine invertebrates and insects have very short life spans and prolific rates of reproduction. They would seem to be ideal candidates for genetic mutation followed by natural selection to cause macroevolutionary change. The fact that no such change is observed in these organisms throughout the fossil record is one of the many proofs of the falsity of Darwinism.

Famous evolutionist Stephen J. Gould, in his magnum opus “The Structure of Evolutionary Theory,” barely mentions insects for good reason. There are no transitional fossils found among the huge number of insect fossils that have been unearthed. I have never read of any insect transitional fossil put forward by any evolutionist in all my years of research.

Since marine invertebrates are composed of an abundance of hard parts such as shells and exoskeletons they preserve very well and the near totality of the organism can be studied. The lack of transitional forms is therefore particularly galling to Darwinists. This drives the knife deeper into the heart of evolution.

Evolutionists prefer to focus tunnel vision on mammal fossils which comprise a tiny fraction of the fossil record and whose bodies are composed mostly of soft tissue that does not fossilize. The evolutionists are free to make all kinds of artful speculation from the very limited evidence of relatively few bones.

Evolutionists do claim to have some transitional mammal fossils but these are few and speculative and often challenged by many of the evolutionists themselves. Don’t get me started on that farce called “ape to human” evolution!

Even some leading evolutionists are waking up. David Raup, who has been curator of the famous Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago has written articles showing the conflicts between Darwinism and paleontology. Raup even came out against the classic horse evolution series as being flawed!

I have often said that evolution is art and not science. Evolution is a theory of natural history. History is not science but is a liberal art. History is the art of the storyteller. Historians consult limited evidence to speculate about nonrepeatable events that occurred in the distant past. Natural History is a valuable scholarly discipline but it is outside the realm of science.

Evolution is the origins myth of secularism. Secularism is a faith. Secularism needed a theory of origins that could exclude God. They found it in Darwinian evolution. Secularism is the dominant faith among the ruling elite in western civilization today. Evolution is taught to children at taxpayer expense.

Efforts to teach special creation and intelligent design in the tax supported schools meets with severe opposition from the establishment. Secularists don’t like to see their origins myth challenged. They also don’t like to be reminded of their future.

The fossil record at all levels shows abundant evidence of a wide variety of ancient organisms with no valid transitional forms. Fossilization occurs after organisms are buried by sediment soon after death. This rapid burial and fossilization of plants and animals is evidence of catastrophic events that occurred in ancient times.

The Bible mentions many catastrophic events, most notable of which is the flood of Noah’s day. This catastrophic flood is also mentioned in the ancient records of many civilizations. The biblical record infers that volcanism and sediment deposition occurred at the time of the flood. Water borne sediment and volcanic ash covered and fossilized billions of plants and animals.

The Bible teaches that God created all life forms. While science cannot, in a formal way, prove that God created all things, it can be said that creationism is consistent with unbiased science. The fossil record gives evidence, such as the explosion of Cambrian fossils, which infers that evolution did not take place.

Darwinian evolution does not logically or reasonably account for the facts contained in the fossil record. The Cambrian Explosion of fossils of fully formed organisms that are almost exactly similar to present day organisms is best explained by the Bible’s assertion that God created life in its full state of development.

Bill Nugent has written many articles on Christianity, philosophy and science. He has also written books that give Bible based teaching on sanctification and that caution against the error of legalism. His books are available at his website http://www.gracelawandsonship.com.

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